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Outdoor Dining Guide - Bend Oregon

Outdoor Dining Guide

Dining outside during the warm summer months in Bend Oregon is a great way to pass the time, relax, and enjoy some good food and drinks. I am very picky when it comes to outdoor dining. Most people are pleased as punch to be out in the sun as they eat. They like to be seen or to just soak up some rays or whatever. I don't like eating outside when there are cars puttering by or civilians walking too close to my table. I don't like people all up on my table with their kids coughing or their dogs doing their dog business peeing on a pole or plant within smelling distance. I don't like sitting outside while the bible thumper exercises his right to free speech so he belts out how I'm going to hell as I try to enjoy my happy hour peel and eat prawns and draft beers.

SO, just because you put some tables and chairs outside doesn't mean that you should offer outdoor dining. Here are the restaurants that claim to offer outdoor seating. Below is my guide to dining outside in Bend Oregon.

Outdoor Dining Guide as told by the Bend Oregon Restaurants Blogger:

Bend Brewing Company
1019 N.W. Brooks St.
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - By far my favorite outdoor dining in all of Bend, Oregon. View of the river, no foot traffic, no vehicle smell all work in your favor while scarfing down some buffalo wings and downing some Outback Ale.

McKay Cottage
62910 O.B. Riley Road
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - The outdoor seating at McKay Cottage is awesome, if it wasn't located on OB Riley Rd. Under that big ass tree, the scene is actually really nice. People seem to like it alot.

38 Degrees Mediterranean Bistro
745 N.W. Mt. Washington Drive (Northwest Crossing)
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Located on Mt. Washington Drive, you're going to hear some traffic fo sho, but the views of the Mountains are amazing. After some sangria, you wont care about the traffic at all.

Anthony's Homeport
475 Powerhouse Drive
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Beautifully located along the Deschutes river, Anthony's and Greg's Grill are equally great dining options. Big plus for being able to eat and drink while listening to whomever is playing at the amphitheater. Negative points for having outdoor seating with public access. I don't like being on display while eating.

Greg's Grill
395 S.W. Powerhouse Drive, The Shops at The Old Mill District
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Beautifully located along the Deschutes river, Anthony's and Greg's Grill are equally great dining options. Big plus for being able to eat and drink while listening to whoever is playing at the amphitheater. Negative points for having outdoor seating with public access. I don't like being on display while eating.

Baldy's Barbeque
235 S.W. Century Drive
Bend, Oregon
385-7427 (385-RIBS)

Outdoor seating review - For being located near a busy traffic circle at 14th and Simpson, Baldy has created a total backyard BBQ vibe...if we were in Beaverton. HAHA well he's done the best for what he's been dealt. Its actually quite nice with a separate bar, heating lamps and whatnot.

1465 SW Knoll Ave (just off of 14th)
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Very similar to Baldy's, a nice little spot just off of 14th.

Bend Fish Company
212 NE Revere Ave.
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Not bad for being on the corner of busy and busier street with zero view. I'm not really a fan.

852 NW Brooks St
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Apparently the Downtowner has worked out something to expand the seating area just outside the breezeway. Seems like a decent spot, not a whole lot of traffic but you do get to observe, or deal with, the transients that hang out and the foot traffic. Not to mention the occasional street performance or art display or what not. All good for anyone that likes that crap.

El Burrito
335 N.E. DeKalb Ave.
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Nice deck but the location is not optimal for outdoor dining. I mean you might have a nice view of a mountain or the parking lot of starz. You might get a chance to see someone stealing your hub caps as you eat some Al Pastor burrito but that doesn't make for the best scenery.

Jake's Diner
2210 N.E. U.S. Highway 20
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Jake's has a nice deck for you to eat your over sized pancakes on. The view is of Pilot Butte. There is not any foot or motorized traffic or anything like that. Great place to watch the fireworks on the 4th.

Kanpai Sushi and Sake Bar
990 N.W. Newport Ave.
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Located right on Newport, eating sushi on a hot day with traffic passing by at 25 mph doesn't getting any better.

1004 N.W. Newport Ave.
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Located right on Newport, eating a falafel sandwich a hot day with traffic passing by at 25 mph doesn't getting any better.

1110 NW Newport Ave
Bend, Oregon 97701

Outdoor seating review - Located right on Newport, eating a delicious but small portion of breakfast, lunch, or dinner on a hot day with traffic passing by at 25 mph doesn't getting any better.

La Rosa Authentic Mexican Kitchen
1444 College Way, #104
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - The tiny outdoor seating on College Way and Newport right next to the new Chevron gas station doesn't offer the best views. Of course, since the Source says that La Rosa has already relocated to Northwest Crossing, the views from this location are probably awesome, and doesn't smell like gasoline.

Longboard Louie's
1254 NW Galveston Ave.,
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Right off of Galveston, the outdoor seating is actually really nice for what it is. Plenty of shade to keep you cool while eating your MBC burritos.

700 N.W. Bond St.
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - With your 189 options for dining outside of McMenamins, how can you go wrong? For downtown outdoor dining options, this is probably second place in my opinion...if only it were not for the horrible service, shitty food, and subpar beer. Other than that, its quite nice.

Merenda Restaurant and Wine Bar
900 N.W. Wall St.
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - See the entry paragraph above. The wife reviewed this guide and thought that I should just lump all of the sidewalk dining restaurants together. Merenda, JC's, Decoy, Pizza Mondo, El Jimador, Soba, Marz, Toomies, and whoever else that put tables and chairs out on the sidewalk and call it good don't really count.

Parrilla Grill
635 N.W. 14th St.
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - The only good thing about the outdoor seating here is when a band is playing...if they are good. Other than that I wouldn't eat outside.

Pizza Mondo
811 N.W. Wall St.
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Love the pizza, outdoor seating consists of two tables next to a bike rack which usually has a big ass dog tied up to it. I wouldn't sit there.

Soba Asian Bistro
945 NW Bond Street
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - For being on the street in downtown Bend, at least the seats are set in to the building vs taking up valuable sidewalk space. So the civilians are not all up in your spicy shrimp noodle soup.

Super Burrito
1133 NW Wall St, Ste 101,
Bend Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Lots of space to enjoy your burrito's outside but you are right up on Greenwood/Newport/Hwy 20 and have a view of the Boondock's parking lot. I liked sitting out there while I waited 30 minutes for my panini from the previous occupants.

El Caporal West
744 NW Bond Street
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Decent spot to watch the criterium in the summer. I don't really like eating outside there as you're basically in the parking lot but on hot days it seems to be packed.

Staccato's at the Firehall
5 N.W. Minnesota Ave.
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Not bad seating normally, but for this summer you can expect plenty of construction to accompany your poor service and overpriced wannabe Italian cuisine.

Toomie's Thai Cuisine
119 NW Minnesota Ave.
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Same as Marz, sure you're outside but you're spitting distance from the street, and pedestrians are all up in your chicken red curry.

Victorian Cafe
1404 N.W. Galveston Ave.
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Best as it gets on a busy intersection. With the wait for a table getting over an hour on a regular basis, be happy with any spot you can get.

The Decoy Bar and Grill
1051 Bond Street, Suite 100
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Tables and chairs are outside, that's about it. Busy intersection with a view of the courthouse. Great.

Cascade Lakes Lodge
1441 SW Chandler Avenue
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Outside sipping on nasty beers next to a busy traffic circle. Nice location for those heading out Century Drive. When I drive by, I CRANK up my car stereo with some gangster rap. Its funny.

Alpenglow Cafe
1133 N.W. Wall St., Suite 100
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - There is ample room to enjoy the sun but the views and traffic are lacking. Most of the time there is construction close by or the smell of vomit from last night's Joker's patrons trying to make it out the door. Kidding...Joker's aint even there anymore.

Bella Cucina Italian Cafe - Old Mill District
450 SW Powerhouse Drive
Old Mill District (across from Anthony's)
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Like Greg's Grill and Anthony's but with way more traffic (both foot and motorized), tons less space, and no view.

Fireside Red
803 SW Industrial Way
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Can't complain about the view much at all, mountains, river, Colorado Ave. Especially with all the floaters on the river having to get out to cross over the damn right there. You get the full view...of things. I can hear the owner's now - "Old Man BOR is here again requesting patio seating." I can't wait.

Marz Bistro
163 N.W. Minnesota Ave.
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Outdoor dingin in Downtown Bend is hard to come by. Marz throws some tables outside but every time I walk by them, I sort of laugh at the outdoor patrons. I like to pretend cough and pass gas just to help with the ambiance. Kidding of course, but I wont dine outdoors at most downtown restaurants for this reason.

Pine Tavern
967 NW Brooks St.
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - Glorious spot, probably the best outdoor seating in all of downtown Bend, if only the food was good. The food was great in 1930, and the patrons that had it back then are still loving it today.

1288 SW Simpson Ave.
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - I'm sort of getting tired of writing these get to sit outside and watch the cars go in and out of the Safeway parking long on Simpson Ave. The pizza is overpriced.

Scanlon's Athletic Club of Bend
61615 Ahtletic Club Drive
Bend, Oregon

Outdoor seating review - GREAT views of the pool. You'd think that at an athletic club you'd see some hard bodies but unfortunately, it is not that great.

If I've missed a restaurant in this category. Please submit a restaurant via email.

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2What? Got something to say?

Anonymous monkeyinabox said...

"if only it were not for the horrible service, shitty food, and subpar beer. Other than that, its quite nice."


"GREAT views of the pool. You'd think that at an athletic club you'd see some hard bodies but unfortunately, it is not that great."

I'm thinking that if McMenamins had more hard bodies, they could score a #1 from you even with the "horrible service, shitty food, and subpar beer".

For the Athletic Club I am surprised. While I tend to believe a lot of people who have memberships there do it as a status symbol. However, I'd also think that if you can afford the rates there, why not pay for a little nip/tuck work? Obviously the hard body memo didn't get passed around.

May 19, 2008  
Anonymous Kris said...

I adore this post, Dear BOR, and have used it as my official guide to outdoor dining while on my visit to Bend.

After tubing the river, the boyfriend and I did, indeed, cop a squat at the Fireside Red! We had a delicious beer called "Skinny Dip!" The boyfriend had the fish and chips (which were overpriced but quite tasty!), while I stuck with my cerveza! And, although, we did not see any *sigh* lovelies exiting the river, we did see a group of beevises standing on these REALLY wide surfboards paddling upriver! I took photos, so my south texas compadres and I can make fun of them!!!

We also dined at the Super Burrito! We did not eat outdoors, as it was a tad chilly (yeah, yeah! I'm a wuss, I know! What can I say....I'm from South Texas!?!?)! I was about to order the Al Pasteur (sp?) at your recommendation when I saw the super chorizo! To my amazement, the thing tasted just like what I'd get at home! The size is phenomenal, but the hot sauce sucked the big donkey!

I also dragged the BF down to the BCC. The fish tacos were pretty fantastic! The view sucked due to the moron who owns the neighboring lots, but the mind altering Outbacks soon made me feel metric tons better!

There are so many places that I wanted to hit; however, my plane leaves tomorrow, and as I really dig my girly-girl figure, I'll have to wait for my next visit to Bend to try Dandy's and Baldy's and the happy hour at the Blacksmith!

Thank you again, Bor, for your wonderful blog!


August 11, 2008  

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