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El Burrito - Bend Oregon

El Burrito - Bend Oregon

Some Mexican food lovin friends of mine met me at El Burrito for some lunch last week. It is no secret that I and a huge fan of Mexican cuisine. I'd eat it for every meal if I could. El Burrito was off my radar until I took a wrong turn looking for Stars and ended up on the wrong side of 3rd street.

I'm kidding. I wasn't looking for Stars...shoot, I KNOW where Stars is. I'm just not allowed to go. The wife doesn't really mind the naked ladies, just doesn't like the idea of me giving them our money. It just occurred to me that I have not reviewed the food at Stars yet. Mmmm stripper glitter on my steak like some sea salt sounds good right.

Anyway, one of my friends uses tacos as his benchmark for whether a Mexican joint is good or not. He orders three tacos; al pastor, carna asada, and pork/carnitas on "a comal" (soft corn) tortilla shells. I totally bit off him and ordered the exact same thing. I LOVE tacos and I don't care that I ordered the exact same thing as someone else at the table.

I didn't fall in love with El Burrito like many of the loyal followers yet. I do want to go back to try something else. The tacos were ok but not great. The al pastor was really salty and the carna asada was a bit dry.

The chips and salsa were just like I like them, free and spicy. Nothing on the menu is overly priced and I am looking forward to trying something else soon.

El Burrito
335 NE Dekalb Street
Bend Oregon 97702

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