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La Rosa - Bend Oregon

La Rosa - Bend Oregon

Everyone seems to sweat La Rosa when the topic of Mexican food comes up. Why is it that no one references Mexican food as Cuisine? Everyone calls it Mexican Food. Why can't we call it fine dining, delicious Mexican cuisine? Maybe because after you stuff your fat face with the complimentary chips and salsa, then grub up your fajitas, your margaritas, and your soapapeas (no idea how to spell that one) you end up with the ... Mexicoma.

You KNOW you want to pass out on the couch after you eat that gynormous burrito, enchilada style from Taco Stand, or the Tres Caballos from El Caporal, or the crunch wrap supreme from Taco Bell. Hence, the Mexicoma - a profound state of unconsciousness due to over ingestion of deep fried burritos and mole sauce.

This was our first year participating in the Tour of Homes. You like the segway? That is an odd experience, looking through someone else's house. I was able to score copious amounts of viagra from many medicine cabinets though .... kidding .... there wasn't anything in the medicine cabinets. I'm joking! I didn't even look.

Anyway, after touring all those homes, I found myself quite famished. I know that the wife was quite hungry as well since we were the bickering back and forth over nothing. We ended up at La Rosa.

I like El Caporal when it comes to hanging out, drinking a Margarita, and stuffing my chubby mug. I could write a review of El Caporal in my sleep so I wanted to get a photo or two and give my two cents worth on La Rosa.

Ok, the salsa is amazing...a little chunky for my liking but I know a lot of people like that. The wife loves it chunky (that and my sense of humor is why she still hangs out with me). We asked what their most popular Margarita is and the waiter sait that its the Red Cactus:

OH MAN that's one damn good Margarita. It reminded me of Jungle Juice but without the fruit. They put a little crack on the rim though so it's really not fair. The wife and I were not sure at first so we thought we would split one. I had to get another cause I got all ice on the first split. It really was a great Margarita and I look forward to having it again.

I had the Tequila Tacos.

The Tacos were pretty bland. They simply lacked in any real flavor that I come to expect from some steak tacos. We will most likely go back to La Rosa but I will be trying a different dish next time for sure. Maybe something like what the wife got:

Camarones La Rosa wif shrimps. We both agreed that her dish was perfect. The sauce was great. I should start writing stuff down while at the restaurant so I can try to come up with better descriptions than delicious and great. The cheese just sort of melted into the sauce making it a cheesy creamy tomatoey sauce .... mmmm cheese.

So, while I am not ready to say that La Rosa is "the best Mexican" in Bend, there is enough there for us to want to go back.

La Rosa Authentic Mexican
(541) 318-7210
1444 NW College Way # 104
Bend, OR 97701

Lunch 11-4 pm DAILY
Amigo 1-6 PM DAILY
Dinner 4:00 PM DAILY
Menu Bar Menu
Take OutPick-up?
Call us directly ay 541-318-7210

Call Bend Take Out 541-382-8844

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5What? Got something to say?

Anonymous Jeff Caston said...

Couldn't agree more... Went there for lunch one day and left thinking... "that was a below average burrito, and my wallet feels a lot lighter." Think I will pass on a return visit. Unless of course someone else is buying!

October 13, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Their food is fantastic. I have at least five favorites. Your wallet may be lighter, but I am sure you spent less on tums had you gone to the other Mexican restaurants in town. Next time try to wash it down with one of their new Plum Margs ... mmm that will make the pain go away.

November 02, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to La Rosa specifically for Ceviche. What did I get? Warm cooked fish in salsa. I brought that to the attention to the manager and he said "We don't get enough orders to make it properly but if you call 4 hours ahead, we can." Well hell, I can go to Newport Mkt. get the ingrediants, and make it in 15 mins. If La Rosa can't make real Caviche, take it off the menue!

November 19, 2007  
Anonymous WiredNick said...

If you want the best Mexican food in Bend you have to go to La Rosa!!!!! It may not look like much from outside but the food is great and the service is better. Try being nice to the owner, pay him a compliment and then ask him for a piece of "special" fruit.

Everything on the menu is great! I recommend it to all the guests at the resort I manage here in bend!

December 02, 2007  
Blogger Jeff said...

i have lived here almost a year now and in my struggle to find good mexican food the one place I always go back to is Rigobertos on the west side. great prices and great authentic mexican food. seriously all you need is some chips and salsa and a rice, bean, and cheese burrito. don't forget to try the negra salsa. it is amazing. also, some of the nicest guys in there working...

April 01, 2008  

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