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38 Degrees - Bend Oregon

38 Degrees Mediterranean Bistro

We've been to 38 Degrees a few times now. We LOVE getting the Sangria samplers. On our most recent trip, our waitress told us that there were 6 types of Sangria that evening. But the menu has a 3 sangria sampler and a 5, what to do what to do. We don't want one of the Sangria's to feel left out so we went with two sets of 3 samplers so we could try all six!! Delicious.

Our second favorite menu item is the Chorizo and Clams. In the past, I called these clams the best I have ever had. On this occasion however, the Chorizo was insanely dry and extremely tough. It was almost as tough as jerky. We were really disappointed.

The Za'atar Crusted Ahi Tuna was perfect!

Now the Steak Frites was NOT nearly as good as the last time. We ordered the steak medium rare and received it well done. You can see from the second photo below that there is not any pinkness to the steak at all.

The Sangria was awesome but the chorizo and steak were definitely disappointing.

Map of 38 Degrees, Bend Oregon

map of 38 degrees bend oregon

38 Degrees
745 NW Mt. Washington Drive
Bend, OR 97701


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Blogger Chillable said...

This brings up a good question: what's your policy on sending back food, particularly overcooked steak? You did, I hope?
Friday night at Zydeco our Ribeye was medium well when we ordered it medium rare, so we sent it back. I mean, you're paying 28 bucks---it should be right, right? (The server was more than happy to oblige and the chef even came to our table and apologized.)
In general, we try not to send back food whenever possible, and act terribly polite when we do have to...after all, the last people in the world you want to p!ss off are the ones in the kitchen!

August 06, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you ever have a problem at 38 Degrees, I would bring it to the attention of the owner. His philosiphy is: "You should never..never.. pay for something (food or drink) which you felt was inadiquite or average". 38 Degrees strives to be amazing on all levels. I know they would not take it personally, and handle the problem professionally, if a complaint or concern was voiced.

September 17, 2007  

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