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The Source Weekly's Best of Bend 2009

The Source Weekly's Best of Bend 2009

I got a text the other night that said "congrats on the mention" and I had no idea what they meant. After a few more texts I was told that this little restaurant blog got an honorable mention in The Source Weekly's Best of Bend 2009 for Best Local Blog. I have to say, I'm very honored by this. I didn't even know the polls were open and didn't try to get votes. Thank you for voting for me!

Hack Bend won the Best Local Blog and congrats to him, he's a great blogger who scoops my stories regularly and I read his blog on a regular basis.

I havent updated my personal "Best" list in a while and would hope that one will have to come out soon. Since, that is likely to not happen, here is who I would have voted for in the last poll:

Best Breakfast - Jake's Diner with The Breakfast Club a close second. Breakfast for me is more about speed and the basics for a fair price. Both of the above mentioned will have you in and out in a jiffy and you won't pay a ton for eggs and bacon.

Best Coffee House - hahaha you know I don't give a shit.

Best Drive-Thru Coffee - hehehe still dont give a shit.

Best Place for Tea - Really, this is a category? Earl Grey in the box that the Wife got in some gift basket like 4 years ago still works.

Best Bakery - Sparrow Bakery does make that phenomenal ocean roll...they win.

Best Lunch - Brother Jon's better win next year but since they are so new, over the coarse of the year, I'd probably go with Toomies. I love that lunch special for like $6.50.

Best Salad - NEXT

Best Sandwich - Again, Brother Jon's would be my vote but they are new. The Downtowner is so solid if you get the lunch to-go since you can't find a damn place to sit. Speedshop Deli would have won hands down if they were still here. Port of Subs is my quick sandwich on the go...#1 or #10 on wheat.

Best Deli - stupid category

Best Casual Dining - All restaurants in Bend are casual dining.

Best Family Dining - El Caporal. Chips and salsa immediately on the table along with a trough of refried beans that keep the kids entertained. Plus the food comes out ubber fast.

Best Fine Dining - Zydeco is solid and with their new location and plenty of staff on hand would get my vote. Blacksmith and Ariana would tie for second in my mind.

Best Service - I'd give this one to Zydeco again. Every time I've been there they have had plenty of staff to handle the always packed restaurant.

Best Vegetari

Best Grocery Store - Whole foods, never shopped there once but I know one of the managers and he's cool. Does Costco count? I don't shop for food. I go out to eat. Actually I'd vote for Rays since they have the liquor store. Now that's convenient.

Best Place to Buy Fresh Produce - I buy corn on the cob from Richards on 14th all the time....thats my vote.

Best Cheap Eats - Super Burrito or the new Rigoberto's - Taco Salsa. Why is the cheap eats always Mexican? Non Mexican cheap eats - I got to go with Toomies.

Best BBQ - hahaha Baldy's every time. No contest.

Best Pizza - Cibellis Pizza. I used to vote for Pizza Mondo but man has shit changed over there. I've received and have had emails about their recent poor service and quality issues.

Best Sushi - The only sushi worth anything in Bend is Mio Sushi. Kanpai is insane with their pricing and on a slightly smaller scale so is everyone else.

Best Mexican - My personal fav is El Caporal for the price, quantity, and the best salsa in Bend. If I'm forgetting price then I'd say Hola! if it counts even though its Peruvian and a close second is La Rosa.

Best Burrito - Super Burrito and Parilla close behind.

Best Thai - A Taste of Thailand, those ladies can sell a ketchup Popsicle to a woman in white gloves. "you want spring roll, you wife will like", "you buy one more, you have lunch for tomorrow." Oh they are awesome. I havent had dinner in a Thai restaurant in a while so I don't know which I'd take.

Best Chinese - Hong Kong Restaurant I guess.

Best Italian - hahaha apparently the best Italian is the Olive Garden that is coming to Bend soon according to the drones on Facebook. Staccato is NOT Italian. My vote is for Pastini Pastaria.

Best Steak - Blacksmith and a very close second is Jackalope Grill.

Best Seafood - Mio Sushi, raw fish is the best you get in Bend.

Best Dessert - Le Cakery or Hurricane's, its a toss up for me cause I don't eat sweets...that's the Wife's dept.

Best Place to get a Sugar High - dur, now thats a creative category. How about "Best Middle Eastern Restaurant." Seriously, how many options are there? 7-11 for the $0.10 Charleston Chews? Fred Meyers for some 3 for $1 kit kats?

Best Bagel - Big O Bagel is pretty damn good.

Best Burger - GOD DAMNIT! It's DANDY'S!!! Why oh why does Pilot Butte win every year? Next post I work on will be a comparison between the two. Dandy's is the better burger and half the price.

Best Ethnic - ugh, still sad that any ethnicity is lumped into one category. Joolz would win in my opinion. This category seems to have been created for Kebaba but I've had some bum experiences the last few times.

Best Patio Dining - This is another one that makes me laugh. People seem to forget the DINING part. You still need good food and the Pine Tavern aint it. The small patio at the Bend Brewing Company is the tops followed by Anthony's.

Best Caterer - shouldn't be a category since no one has more than one per year. I've never had one. I know many and would vote for them as a friend but no...this is dumb.

Best Sports Bar - Would say Brother Jon's if they would get their shit together and get local channels. They better get the damn NFL package working this year AND WIFI! The other sports bars all blow chunks for food and drinks. I'd vote for the Summit if I had to.

Best Hangover Grub - I dont know.

Best Chow Cart - Personally I think they all are scary, where do they wash their hands? I did get a pizza from the Recession Pies cart and loved it....I'd vote for them.


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12What? Got something to say?

Anonymous monkeyinabox said...

As someone who truly loves his burgers, PBDI is my favorite, but Dandys is great too, just not quite as great. I wouldn't say they are half price either. If you go for PBDI's happy hour deals you can get the best burger and fries that crumpled up $5 bill in your pocket has ever seen.

August 18, 2009  
Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Once again, BOR, you are right on target. I do have one request. Please, oh please, take one for the team and go to OG once the hoopla dies down. I am not going, no way, no how. But, I would love to read your rant after you have partaken.

August 18, 2009  
Blogger Annie @ MarryYouMe said...

Dandys? Honestly? Limp meat, weak cheese, no fixings, and a lame bun do not a best burger make. Pi Butte, every time. Great bun and meat + toppings = salad on a bun.

August 18, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dandy's, Dandy's, Dandy's, Dandy's, Dandy's, Dandy's, Dandy's! Need I go on?

August 18, 2009  
Blogger MDS said...

Toomies charges for extra peanut sauce - therefore they suck and have since aught 04 when the shenanigans started.

August 18, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey BOR,

Just thought I would let you know that the Downtowner is moving its lunch operations to The Summit beginning Tuesday Sept. 8th.

Finally, you will be able to get in and grab a sandwich at a leisurely pace, have a lot more room to visit with friends and even order a Tanqueray and tonic with your lunch!

If you have any questions, please call 749-2440. Thanks.

August 24, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For sushi: Have you tried Tomo Sushi yet? The greatest kid's bento box ever - perfectly cooked chicken teriyaki with a ball of steamed rice, fresh salad, hand-cut fruit design and a pirouette cookie. The seven year old requests "Tomo Sushi" every time we talk about going out. Love the Thai Tempura Roll, and nice prices on nigiri sushi that always tastes good to very good.

August 25, 2009  
Blogger Anon. said...

Baldy's?! Baldy's!!? i guess it will have to do for the great Pacific NW... but that is not how we smoke 'em up down south. period. end o story.

August 25, 2009  
Blogger Elise Michaels Media said...

I'm taking some credit: I voted for you.

August 25, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you are BEND oregon restaurants... but for steak you have to try the Brickhouse in Remond. Excellent food and service. The steaks start at like $24, so be prepaired.

Have you had Bend Fish Company's sushi?

August 27, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a great dinner at Zydeco the other night. I had the Ribs and they are by far the best Ribs I have ever had! I went to Baldy's a few days later. Man, was it disappointing. Zydeco's Ribs blew Baldy's out of the water. If you want good ribs the only place is Zydeco!

September 01, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the best italian is johnny carinos. olive garden only cooks with microwaves. nasty. also they have rally hot servers at carinos.

September 07, 2009  

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