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Taste of Thai - Green Curry and Phad Thai

Earlier I made a comment that there is not any good Thai food in Bend. That wasn't the right comment to make. I should have said that there are not any good Thai restaurants in Bend. I mean straight up Thai restaurant. Maybe it's us. Maybe Bend isn't the right market for a solid Thai restaurant. Well, we have Toomies but they've been here forever and they don't have any competition. We need another one in order to put them in check and force them to step it up.

So the wife swung by the Taste of Thai on Greenwood to pick up some lunch the other day. She bought enough food to feed us for lunch and dinner. When I asked her why she brought so much food just for lunch, she said that the mother/daughter team that runs the place has an uncanny ability to talk you into over buying with their free samples and friendly smiles and their "Oh you're going to buy my chicken Ooooooh. Oh I hate the Colonel with his wee beedy eyes and that smug look on his face." Sorry, where was I? Oh right.

"Oh, you'll have enough for dinner and it's only $6 more" They'll chirp. Bring your appetites cause their going to get you.

I'll start with the spring rolls:

The summer spring rolls are huge and well worth the small price. A nice large prawn inside each was great but there was sooo much lettuce and mint. It was still good but a bit much on the lettuce for my liking. I would still get them again but mainly for the peanut sauce.

The Phad Thai was better than the oily mess at Toomies. But, it's really not the best I've had.

I have no idea what the dish on the left is called. It's beef and it's delicious.

"What is this"? I ask the wife.

"I don't know, they handed me a sample of it, I ate it and order some cause it's good." She replies.

Agreed, it was very good and we warmed it up and had it for dinner cause my mind was set on destroying that cup of Green Curry on the right. It was as good as the Red Curry from Toomies but lacked the heat. But the flavor was there and I would get it again.

If you're in need of a quick lunch to bring back to the house of office, I do recommend that you swing by the Taste of Thai and get whatever. Their menu changes very often but they're willing to give you plenty of samples while you wait so you can decide on what you'd like. There's going to be something you'll enjoy for sure.

Taste of Thai (or Thai on the Fly as I've heard them called)
696 NE Greenwood Ave
Bend, OR 97701

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Blogger SMJ said...

Thai on the Fly is my favorite. Did you know they'll make up a combo dish of whatever they are giving out as samples?
BTW I have a blog you could add to your Bend blog list:

February 09, 2008  

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