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My Twitter Coffee Mug

@bendeats Coffee Mug

The infamous @Mugmkr has created the best coffee mug of all time. My mug rocks so hard that T-Pain carries my mug on stage. Michael drank what he thought was wine (even though he was told it was blood) out of my mug in Lost Boys. Neo washed down the red pill from the tap water in my mug. My mug is so awesome that it was cup the evil Nazi dude mistakenly drank from at the end of Indiana Jones The Last Crusade. A gap toothed Sandra Bullock drank Love Potion #9 out of my mug and in doing so, she made my list that day (and is still on it btw tmi eta omg wtf bbq ps). My mug is so cool, it used the Dude's forehead like a backboard.

That's how awesome my handmade twitter coffee mug from is. Suck on that. I have a personalize coffee mug with my twitter name on it, and you don't. I think of Mug Revolution's Twitter Mugs like buying domain names. I have the one and ONLY @bendeats coffee mug. You better get yours while you can. Think about that dorky nephew or shut-in uncle that you have the sits on the couch, laptop in place, and watching the Ghost Hunters marathon while blogging about his take on the latest Harry Potter 3D movie. What do you get him for Christmas (or whatever holiday)? Get him/her a Mug Revolution Twitter Mug.

Thanks for the coffee mug Mr. Mugmkr! I love it!

I like to drink my Starbucks coffee out of my coffee mug cause Starbucks is the best.


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