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The BOR-pprentice

Raz Lactic

I have an apprentice, or rather a BOR-pprentice as Raz Lactic calls himself. He even started a fan page called The BOR-pprentice which I sent invites to all my Facebook Friends. Raz is starting with the basics while he gets his literary skills fine tuned and is eating his way through his pantry, under his car seats, in old jacket pockets, and writing about it. Funny shit. You should check it out. Maybe he wont offend you sensitive types like I tend to.

He's just getting started and shows great promise. I love that someone enjoyed my blog enough to start up their own (even though its only available via Facebook) and call themselves my BOR-pprentice.

I swear to everyone, Raz is not me. I barely have the time to write for myself let alone start up another profile.


Stealing my ideas

And changing topics again, I received a cool email from the mother of the co-owner of Brother Jon's. In it she says
"After finding your review of my son's new place, Brother Jon's Public House (favorable, thank you and thank God). I read on in your blog and quite admired it. I think your idea of donating the proceeds of a restaurant review blog to a local charity, especially one that feeds people, is wonderful. So I stole it.

I have just begin my own blog (I heard my children groaning from thousands of miles away) and one of my first entries is an homage to BOR. You can see it at "

I love it! I take pride in my "out of the box" thinking and feel that I'm ahead of my time in many cases. I don't mind that people take my ideas or steal my content (assuming they give me credit or a link). I've seen my photos on a bunch of other sites. Imitation is a form of flattery and I like it. Plus this one is for the greater good!

Friday Fun wasn't fun for all

I give and give and get slammed by a couple of folks that can't get when I'm joking. Like I'm really going to run a cyclist off the road. This is why I don't write for you, I write for me. If you don't like it, don't read it, don't bookmark me, don't be my Facebook friend, and don't follow me on Twitter.

I safely pass many cyclists every day but there are a few bad apples that spoil the bunch. Hence, my rant which was really directed at the recent race organizers as well as the idiots that don't know the rules of the road or think they are superior to automobile drivers. Read your DMV manual and stay in your damn lane.

Lighten up or move along.


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