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Bistro Corlise Regional Dinner - March 18

This sounds hella good! Anyone been to Bistro Corlise yet?

EVENT DATE: Tuesday, March 18

Dinner Celebrates Food & Wine of France’s Southwest Region

Bistro Corlise Presents A Five-Course Journey Through Beam, Quercy, Gers and Basque Country

(BEND, OR) Bistro Corlise’s Chef Jason Logan presents an evening of culinary delights from the southwest region of France on Tuesday, March 18. Seating is limited for this special five-course meal paired with regional wines and liqueur.

“Gastronomically, this region is defined as the Bearn, the Quercy, the Gers, and the Basque country; areas south of Bordeaux, north of the Pyrenees Mountains, and west of Languedoc,” explains Chef Logan. “With enough diversity and tradition to fill a lifetime of cooking, eating, and drinking, we take an evening to travel through this area of culinary treasures and amazing regional wines.”

The menu for the evening includes a first course of soupe (fish soup, fish mousseline) paired with Domaine Brumont, Pacherenc Du vic Bilh Sec, 2005. Second course is langue d’agneau (lamb tongue, cabbage, lentils, potato, lamb daube) paired with Domaines Jouffreau, Clos du Gamot, Cahors, 1989. Third course is canard (pan roasted duck breast, crépinette of duck leg, yellow foot chanterelles, cauliflower, sauce bigarade) paired with Domaine Brumont, V.V, Madiran, 2002. The fourth course pairs Domaine Brumont, Pacherenc Du Vic Doux Brumaire, 2004 with gâteau de noyer (walnut cake, prune curd, orange gelée). And for the finish, fromage (Roquefort cheese, golden raisin) and Bernard Boutinet, NV, Pineau des Charentes Blanc.

Certified by the International Sommelier Guild, Chef Logan lets wine lead the way through the cuisine. “We will be featuring three of Alain Brumont’s wines, a famed winemaker from the Madiran, says Logan. “Jean Jouffreau’s 1989 Clos du Gamont Cahors is another delightful find for this evening; the Jouffreau family has been making wine since 1610, passed down from father to son. Finishing the evening will be a Pineau des Charentes, an unfermented grape juice added to cognac, thus making a beautiful ‘vin de liqueur’.”

Cost for the Southwest France dinner is $125.00 per person. Seating is limited. For reservations, please call 385-6979 or visit Bistro Corlise is located downtown Bend at 916 NW Wall Street.


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Parilla Grill - Bend Oregon

Parilla Grill

Parilla Grill is a little on the fufu side for me but every now and then I like to mix it up with the hippy types and go for a wrap with some bamboo shoots in it. I swear I have never seen bamboo shoots on sooo many different menus in one location as there are in Bend.

Parilla Grill has some creative wraps to choose from and you really can't go wrong with any option. I like the red headed step child and the Wrap of Khan the most. Below is the Chicken Wrap of Khan.

The Wrap of Khan comes with a bean paste, rice, cabbage, and bamboo shoots. I get the recommendations which consist of corn salsa and Gorgonzola. Then I ask for a healthy dose of wasabi. The wasabi is a great addition for flavor and heat but the only drawback is that while you eat your wrap, all the wasabi runs to the bottom and your last few bites can be painful.

A couple things to note...first there is that little container of hot sauce / salsa that you see in the first photo and a good portion of it in the second photo being put to use. Second is how the tin foil is still wrapped around my wrap.

The hot sauce is called Stash. They call it stash because they keep it stashed under the counter and only bust it out for the cool folk like me. Ask for it on the side like I do so you can distribute as you please. This shit is hot as balls. I'm not sure why I use that saying but I do. Hot as balls. It's funny to me. Anyway, Stash adds great flavor to any wrap and brings some serious heat.

The foil is pointed out mainly so I can make fun of this rookie employee at a company I work at (sometimes). She says that Parilla has the wettest burritos ever. Even calls them soup in a tortilla. She loves the place but complains about having the juice run all down her arm.

OK, "rook", keep your wrap wrapped up in the foil as you eat it. It's not difficult. It's not rocket surgery. Be smarter than the wrap, it's difficult sometimes but you can do it.

The wraps from Parilla are rather juicy but if you keep it wrapped up and don't try to eat and drive, you'll be alright.

My wrap from Parilla ran me $7, threw a buck into the tip jar which has a sign that reads "don't be mean, add some green if you want to hear the bell ring". Homeboy rings the bell as my dollar falls into the jar. I get my recognition and I'm out.

Parilla Grill
635 NW 14th Street
Bend Oregon


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you arrogant anus!

At last night's CO Blogger Meeting at the Blacksmith I got to meet a lot of the Bend Oregon Bloggers, well, the good ones anyway (kidding, they aren't that good! hahaha in your collective face!). Just jokes, I really liked meeting everyone.

I received some pretty good feedback on my blog like "I agree with you 40% of the time" or "How could you possibly say that CHOW has small portions" of "I thought you'd be more portly". Most were disappointed when they found out that I am who I am. That hurt a little inside Jake.

Look, I'm just a regular guy who likes to eat at restaurants. I don't boast having the best pallet or that I can write good words and stuff. Just like some people don't agree with my commentary, I don't agree with many of the restaurant reviews that are published. I think they are too nice to too many places. I pay for my meals so I tell it like I see it...if I enjoyed my meal, I'll let you know. If I didn't, I'll REALLY let you know. Now if a restaurant were to give me free food, that might change can you say something bad about something free? Just say thank you.

I write this blog for selfish reasons. I like to write. I laugh at my own jokes. I think I'm really funny and when I get going on rants, that's when I laugh the most. I LOVE my edamame post, it's by far my favorite and I think I'm going to try and do more of that type of posting. This blog was not created to make me any money. I have ads like most blogs do and it generates a few bucks here and there. All of the money I make from my ads goes directly to NeighborImpact. I'm not associated with them in any capacity, I just thought that a food blog should donate to a Feed the Need type charity.

Once I receive my stinkin check from Google, I'll be sending it right on over. For some reason, I still haven't been's a looong story. It'll happen soon.

Anyway, at the Blogger round up, I was explaining about the hate mail that I get. I LOVE the comments that I get. All of them. I don't publish all the comments cause most are stupid. I send some of them on to the restaurants if I think it's a good enough rant but not reliable enough for me to publish. Some are just weird.

There are the weird rants:

"I think that all of you who have said something negative about this place....should do some re-thinking. How much time do you think these hard Chinese workers work to just get you stupid customers what you want. It's all TAKEOUT TAKEOUT TAKEOUT. They don't need all this %&&$*#* pressure from you Americans. Now you need to think think is too greasy? Think about McDonalds. Mcdonalds is considered as greasy but you still eat it."

There are the long stories about the history of the owners. I don't care where the owners of Hola! came from in your opinion. I don't want this history from you. If I ever post about the owners, it is because I know them or have talked to them.

I love the negative comments about my favorite places...yeah I'll be sure to publish that one. My blog is not your blog. I don't care about your anonymous opinion, I only care about my anonymous opinion.

The spellchecker kills me. "spellcheck:clomplaints" That's it, that's all I get. I love whoever this is. Sometimes I forget to click on the spell check or it doesn't work or whatever. It just tells me that you're reading, and you love me.

There are the comments that look like restaurant owners or employees commenting:

"This is absolutely my favorite favorite place to eat! I feel they have perfected the usually ordinary club sandwich. If you are ever lucky enough to be there on a day they are serving corn chowder then grab some!! Potato Bacon comes in at a close second. Yummmmmmmmmmmm"

There are the "worst service ever" rants which I don't publish. I wasn't there buddy, I can't verify that this actually happened. I appreciate the heads up but until I experience it for myself, I'm not going to publish your "the owner didn't even come out boo whoo waaaaah" comments. Speaking of which, I am amazed by some of the comments I get about service. What really do people expect when a dish is not exactly what they ordered? Of course have it corrected but do they need to kiss your ass after that and parade the owners and chefs out with their tails between their legs and beg your ever lasting forgiveness? Do you do that for your customers when you make a mistake? Shut up and eat.

Then there is my all time favorite comment I have received to date. Well, the deep rap was a comment that was so good that I had to give it a post of it's own. So other than that, this is my favorite comment of all time. This comment came in on my Edamame post and floored me. I was dying. I still laugh every time I read it. This person read my post about the boiled soy beans and simply said

"you arrogant anus!"

So simple, so brilliant! How often do you get to throw around "anus" in an insult? Ahhh man that's good stuff.

Well, keep the comments and emails coming. It's great stuff and keeps me entertained throughout my day.


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CO Blogger Meet Up 2008

I read that the blogger meet up was a big success. I couldn't make it but I guess some JackNut showed up saying he was me. That guy thinks he is so cool. Trust me, he isn't. I'll make it to the next one.

In the photo, I'm wondering where is Monkey or Lyle? Where is the Bubble Boy? Duncan? Maybe next time. Who's the tool with the School House Rockish wanna be Mayor McCheese icon for a face?

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I'm Coming Out!

I want the world to know...

That's a Diana Ross quote, not the newer version. Anyway, there is the Blogger Meet-Up happening at the Blacksmith this Thursday. I know that everyone is really going just to meet me but whatever, I'll play along.

Haha, I'm joking. I love this idea and while I'd like to try and remain anonymous, my identity has been leaking out so I might as well meet the local bloggers in person. Although I've met a ton of the local bloggers already, I bit my toungue so I wouldn't let out that I'm the jacknut that writes this silly blog. So I'm really going just so they could actually meet me.

But honestly, z21 needs to be there to cover this event, the Bulletin, the Source, everyone with a blog, and if you don't have one, start one and come buy me a pint.

RSVP to Shannon - email: shanlee at

Blacksmith restaurant
211 NW Greenwood Ave,
Bend, Oregon 97701

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Nuke Pickle - Speedshop Full Throttle Deli

Nuke Cycles

So I've been to the Speedshop Full Throttle Deli quite a few times now and always go with the same turkey sandwich and get the 6th Gear. On my last visit, I noticed the big ass pickles in the deli case and asked for one...I like pickles. But Keith (the owner) had a better option for me. From the fridge in the back he brought out his latest concoction, pickles soaked in Nuke Paste Juice. Nuke Paste is his blend of 7 peppers and some other goodies that add great flavor and heat to his sangwiches. He gave me one of the pickles and OH MOMMA was it good.

Crispy, juicy, spicy, garlicy pickles. They had only been brining for 24 hours so over the next few days, these bad boys should be packing a punch. Now all he needs is to make some Nuke Drink. "We got some milk, some soda, some purple stuff, oh and Nuke Delight....yeahhhh".

Ok, so if you're still reading this, Keith needs your help. Well, he didn't ask, I'm asking for him. He's trying to figure out a name for these pickles. He's thinking "Nuke Bomb" or "Nuke Missle" since the pickles look similar to a missle. For me, I like the Nuke part but am thinking of something less destructive to counter the Nuke name.

I want to call them NukeSickles or Nuke Cycles like Nuke+Sauce+Pickles and then add in the Cy like motorcycles, ok, not my best work. My friend HopHound wants to call it the Nuke Gingrich. Please send in your comments, lets get these bad boys a killer name.

Speedshop Full Throttle Deli
805 NW Wall Street
Bend, Oregon 97701
M-F 10am-8pm
S-S 10am-5pm


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Heart Shaped Pizza - Papa Murphy's

Papa Murphy's Heart Shaped Pizza

I hate Valentine's Day. I never have like the Hallmark of Holiday's and I especially have never liked the price of flowers. Good lordy, you'd think roses were made of gold or could get you high by sniffing them for how much they cost in February. The wife and I started our lives together pretty poor. In fact, I recently found a pay stub from a job I had when we moved in together. Oh man, after rent, I think all I could afford was the Heart Shaped Pizza from Papa Murphy's on Valentines Day. Back then I believe it was $5.99 and was a nice break from our nightly chicken and rice (and some nights it was just rice).

We've been renting a movie and eating the Heart Shaped Pizza every year since. This year was no exception. Wouldn't you know it, Bend's Best Food Critic (yeah, that's me) eats Papa Murphy's Pizza on one of the best dining out nights of the year. That's right, I think I am the best food critic in Bend. I'm not the best restaurant reviewer. I think you need some writing skills which I aint gots. Laurie J. Rice takes the prize there although I don't like some of the restaurants that she reviews, that girl has skillz.

MMMmmm. I preheat to 430 and bake for 10 minutes, rotate and bake for another 5 on the bottom rack. Good eats!

Papa Murphy's Take n Bake Pizza
(541) 389-7272
211 Ne Revere Ave, Bend, OR

(541) 382-6767
61160 S Highway 97 Ste E, Bend, OR

Another awesome review of Papa Murphy's - Bend Oregon


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The Summit Saloon and Stage - Bend Oregon

The Summit Saloon and Stage

On my first visit to the Summit Saloon and Stage I was all excited to get a photo of my food (to share with all of my loyal readers of course). I got my food and bust out my good camer, turn it on and realize the memory card is not with me. Dang it. So I wanted to go back and get better photos instead of the cell phone crappy ones.

On my first visit to the Summit Saloon, I ordered the special, a meatball sandwich and then a cup of the crab soup. The sandwich and fries were great, the soup was tasty but missing the crab. $5 for a cup of soup you'd hope to get some crab at least. Cell phone photo below.

On my most recent visit to the Summit Saloon, and after reading the comments on Shannon's blog about the burger and fries, I had to give them a shot. I was waiting for some friends so I ordered the chips and salsa. For $4, it's probably the best deal on the entire menu. Both the mango and traditional salsa's were awesome. The chips were salty which is great while sipping on one of the many beers on tap. It was a great starter while we waited for our grub.

I ordered a regular burger for $9 and added bacon for a buck. You do get a nice selection of sides on the menu which I always like to see but since Shannon said the fries are the best in Bend, I ordered the fries as my side.

I was rather impressed with the size of the burger on a hearty kaiser roll. The burger tasted good although it was a little over cooked for my liking. I asked for it medium which usually has a little pink inside and it was between well done and medium well. The fries were not the best fries in Bend at all. They were just your basic french fries.

All in all, I like the menu, the beer selection is decent, I like the server (Becky) on both visits. Even though one server for lunch is not enough so if you're in a rush, The Summit Saloon may not be the fastest option. I felt there were good aspects to the meals I've had but I'm not entirely head over heals.

The Summit Saloon
125 NW Oregon Avenue
Downtown Bend 541-749-2440 - Get a real website fellas

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Baldy's BBQ Customer Appreciation Week

Baldy's BBQ

Last week was Baldy's BBQ's Customer Appreciation Week as Baldy was celebrating their 3 year anniversary. It was their actual 3 year anniversary unlike other blogs that post yearly anniversaries after a couple months. I remember going to Baldy's the first night they were opened. I was super excited to have an actual BBQ joint in town.

I called up a BBQ friend and with the wife, we shared the sampler to try out all the different options. Everything was great and we've been back many times in the past three years. I normally get the ribs, by far the best in Bend.

Anyway, I noticed a big yellow sign the last time I drove by:

So we decided to go in for a quick lunch on Saturday. The wife and I split the $3 chili and $3 smothered fries and each had some ribs. Awesome all around. But watching Brian (Baldy) and his crew put a 70 lb pig into a smoker on top of a big snow bank was really interesting. No camera with me and cell phone photos were not going to do it justice. So I asked when the piggy was going to come out and said I'd come back for some photos.

I was lucky enough to get one of those pieces he trimmed off but the pig wasn't completely ready to come out. The piece I had was juicy, tender, and the skin was crispy and delicious! I wish I could have stuck around until it came out but I had to jet.

Another review of Baldy's Barbeque

And yet another review of Baldy's Barbeque

Baldy's BBQ
235 SW Century Dr
Bend, OR 97702
(541) 385-7427


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Zydeco Restaurant - Bend Oregon

Zydeco Restaurant

We made it back to Zydeco Kitchen and Cocktails to try out these Ribs that people keep telling me I have to try. In the Best Ribs in Bend Oregon 2007 post, I didn't even mention Zydeco because I've never tried their ribs. So I on this visit, I wanted to make sure to give them a shot.

I don't have a photo of my dinner, for some reason none of the shots came out. The photo of the wife's steak came out just fine.

Her steak was awesome! It couldn't have been any better. I was jealous. But back to the ribs. On the menu they are discribed as Barbecued Baby Back Ribs - slow-cooked with mashed potatoes & roasted vegetables. They only thing Barbecued about these ribs is the BBQ Sauce applied as they are thrown in the oven.

Now I don't know this for sure, but I'm willing to bet that these ribs never see a flame. They are delicious, don't get me wrong. But these ribs are slow cooked in a crock pot and finished in the oven. That is NOT barbecue. So my beef is just with them calling them Barbeque ribs.

The ribs were presented in sets of threes and stacked on top of each other. I used a fork to try and lift the top set off as they were covered in sauce. The bone was the only thing that came up off the plate and the meat stayed put. If tenderness is a big deal for you, it doesn't get any more tender than Zydeco's Ribs.

The ribs were delicious, super tender, and the sauce was good. We grubbed them up. Zydeco is damn good. I have not been disappointed yet. The service is great and the food comes out quickly and is prepared as requested. All around a great place.

Zydeco Kitchen and Cocktails
1085 SE 3rd st
Bend, OR

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