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you arrogant anus!

At last night's CO Blogger Meeting at the Blacksmith I got to meet a lot of the Bend Oregon Bloggers, well, the good ones anyway (kidding, they aren't that good! hahaha in your collective face!). Just jokes, I really liked meeting everyone.

I received some pretty good feedback on my blog like "I agree with you 40% of the time" or "How could you possibly say that CHOW has small portions" of "I thought you'd be more portly". Most were disappointed when they found out that I am who I am. That hurt a little inside Jake.

Look, I'm just a regular guy who likes to eat at restaurants. I don't boast having the best pallet or that I can write good words and stuff. Just like some people don't agree with my commentary, I don't agree with many of the restaurant reviews that are published. I think they are too nice to too many places. I pay for my meals so I tell it like I see it...if I enjoyed my meal, I'll let you know. If I didn't, I'll REALLY let you know. Now if a restaurant were to give me free food, that might change can you say something bad about something free? Just say thank you.

I write this blog for selfish reasons. I like to write. I laugh at my own jokes. I think I'm really funny and when I get going on rants, that's when I laugh the most. I LOVE my edamame post, it's by far my favorite and I think I'm going to try and do more of that type of posting. This blog was not created to make me any money. I have ads like most blogs do and it generates a few bucks here and there. All of the money I make from my ads goes directly to NeighborImpact. I'm not associated with them in any capacity, I just thought that a food blog should donate to a Feed the Need type charity.

Once I receive my stinkin check from Google, I'll be sending it right on over. For some reason, I still haven't been's a looong story. It'll happen soon.

Anyway, at the Blogger round up, I was explaining about the hate mail that I get. I LOVE the comments that I get. All of them. I don't publish all the comments cause most are stupid. I send some of them on to the restaurants if I think it's a good enough rant but not reliable enough for me to publish. Some are just weird.

There are the weird rants:

"I think that all of you who have said something negative about this place....should do some re-thinking. How much time do you think these hard Chinese workers work to just get you stupid customers what you want. It's all TAKEOUT TAKEOUT TAKEOUT. They don't need all this %&&$*#* pressure from you Americans. Now you need to think think is too greasy? Think about McDonalds. Mcdonalds is considered as greasy but you still eat it."

There are the long stories about the history of the owners. I don't care where the owners of Hola! came from in your opinion. I don't want this history from you. If I ever post about the owners, it is because I know them or have talked to them.

I love the negative comments about my favorite places...yeah I'll be sure to publish that one. My blog is not your blog. I don't care about your anonymous opinion, I only care about my anonymous opinion.

The spellchecker kills me. "spellcheck:clomplaints" That's it, that's all I get. I love whoever this is. Sometimes I forget to click on the spell check or it doesn't work or whatever. It just tells me that you're reading, and you love me.

There are the comments that look like restaurant owners or employees commenting:

"This is absolutely my favorite favorite place to eat! I feel they have perfected the usually ordinary club sandwich. If you are ever lucky enough to be there on a day they are serving corn chowder then grab some!! Potato Bacon comes in at a close second. Yummmmmmmmmmmm"

There are the "worst service ever" rants which I don't publish. I wasn't there buddy, I can't verify that this actually happened. I appreciate the heads up but until I experience it for myself, I'm not going to publish your "the owner didn't even come out boo whoo waaaaah" comments. Speaking of which, I am amazed by some of the comments I get about service. What really do people expect when a dish is not exactly what they ordered? Of course have it corrected but do they need to kiss your ass after that and parade the owners and chefs out with their tails between their legs and beg your ever lasting forgiveness? Do you do that for your customers when you make a mistake? Shut up and eat.

Then there is my all time favorite comment I have received to date. Well, the deep rap was a comment that was so good that I had to give it a post of it's own. So other than that, this is my favorite comment of all time. This comment came in on my Edamame post and floored me. I was dying. I still laugh every time I read it. This person read my post about the boiled soy beans and simply said

"you arrogant anus!"

So simple, so brilliant! How often do you get to throw around "anus" in an insult? Ahhh man that's good stuff.

Well, keep the comments and emails coming. It's great stuff and keeps me entertained throughout my day.


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6What? Got something to say?

Anonymous KD said...

Your only arrogance is on how funny you think you are. Oh wait, I think you are funny too! Damn hilarious. And I agree with you 41% of the time.

February 22, 2008  
Blogger Fawn said...

I too agree with you about 41% of the tme. Love the blog. keep it comin'.

February 22, 2008  
Blogger Shannon said...

It drives me nuts when ppl complain about spell check. I blog for fun and I'm sorry if I don't want to spell check, I won't (plus it's broke half the time in blogger).

You're awesome. And the lunch portions at CHOW are small.

February 22, 2008  
Blogger Kat said...

The thing I like about you is you don't even waste your time or money with a fifth. Just grab the big ol' jug of Tanqueray and call it good.

February 22, 2008  
Blogger Jake said...

That should totally be on a business card: "BOR: arrogant anus"

February 26, 2008  
Blogger Michelle said...

You're funny...lookin' and I love to hate ya.

December 18, 2008  

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