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Heart Shaped Pizza - Papa Murphy's

Papa Murphy's Heart Shaped Pizza

I hate Valentine's Day. I never have like the Hallmark of Holiday's and I especially have never liked the price of flowers. Good lordy, you'd think roses were made of gold or could get you high by sniffing them for how much they cost in February. The wife and I started our lives together pretty poor. In fact, I recently found a pay stub from a job I had when we moved in together. Oh man, after rent, I think all I could afford was the Heart Shaped Pizza from Papa Murphy's on Valentines Day. Back then I believe it was $5.99 and was a nice break from our nightly chicken and rice (and some nights it was just rice).

We've been renting a movie and eating the Heart Shaped Pizza every year since. This year was no exception. Wouldn't you know it, Bend's Best Food Critic (yeah, that's me) eats Papa Murphy's Pizza on one of the best dining out nights of the year. That's right, I think I am the best food critic in Bend. I'm not the best restaurant reviewer. I think you need some writing skills which I aint gots. Laurie J. Rice takes the prize there although I don't like some of the restaurants that she reviews, that girl has skillz.

MMMmmm. I preheat to 430 and bake for 10 minutes, rotate and bake for another 5 on the bottom rack. Good eats!

Papa Murphy's Take n Bake Pizza
(541) 389-7272
211 Ne Revere Ave, Bend, OR

(541) 382-6767
61160 S Highway 97 Ste E, Bend, OR

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Blogger Jen said...

We had Papa Murphy's too, but didn't even get a heart-shaped pizza. Just our usual (half double canadian bacon and spicy beef, with the spicy beef on the bottom; half cowboy).

And we watched Survivor, not a movie.

Happy Un-V-Day!

February 15, 2008  

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