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The Summit Saloon and Stage - Bend Oregon

The Summit Saloon and Stage

On my first visit to the Summit Saloon and Stage I was all excited to get a photo of my food (to share with all of my loyal readers of course). I got my food and bust out my good camer, turn it on and realize the memory card is not with me. Dang it. So I wanted to go back and get better photos instead of the cell phone crappy ones.

On my first visit to the Summit Saloon, I ordered the special, a meatball sandwich and then a cup of the crab soup. The sandwich and fries were great, the soup was tasty but missing the crab. $5 for a cup of soup you'd hope to get some crab at least. Cell phone photo below.

On my most recent visit to the Summit Saloon, and after reading the comments on Shannon's blog about the burger and fries, I had to give them a shot. I was waiting for some friends so I ordered the chips and salsa. For $4, it's probably the best deal on the entire menu. Both the mango and traditional salsa's were awesome. The chips were salty which is great while sipping on one of the many beers on tap. It was a great starter while we waited for our grub.

I ordered a regular burger for $9 and added bacon for a buck. You do get a nice selection of sides on the menu which I always like to see but since Shannon said the fries are the best in Bend, I ordered the fries as my side.

I was rather impressed with the size of the burger on a hearty kaiser roll. The burger tasted good although it was a little over cooked for my liking. I asked for it medium which usually has a little pink inside and it was between well done and medium well. The fries were not the best fries in Bend at all. They were just your basic french fries.

All in all, I like the menu, the beer selection is decent, I like the server (Becky) on both visits. Even though one server for lunch is not enough so if you're in a rush, The Summit Saloon may not be the fastest option. I felt there were good aspects to the meals I've had but I'm not entirely head over heals.

The Summit Saloon
125 NW Oregon Avenue
Downtown Bend 541-749-2440 - Get a real website fellas

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Blogger Shannon said...

Maybe they are so tastey because I'm pregnant and that is my current craving but 9 out of 10 ppl at my table swore they were the best.

February 14, 2008  

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