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Little Woody Beer List

Little Woody Beer List

I know that I'm getting excited about this year's Little Woody. I'm actually more excited about the Bourbon Tasting but these beers do look good. So if you want to join me downtown at the Deschutes Historical Museum this Friday and Saturday, I'll be there looking for a designated driver. I'll be the buzzed guy with a camera.

The Little Woody is Central Oregon's Barrel-Aged Brew Festival. Celebrating local breweries and their craft beer traditions, The Little Woody is the community's opportunity to enjoy local barrel-aged brews in one place. The Little Woody takes place on labor day weekend in downtown Bend on the lawn of the Deschutes Historical Museum.

Hounds Tooth Amber aged six months in a French merlot barrel from one of our local vintners; Volcano Vineyards. This American style amber picked up several complex flavors from this very rich French oak. The subtle caramel character of this beer blends very well with the vanillans, and tannins from this unique wood!

Winter Moon Bourbon:
Our Winter Warmer was a hit amongst our loyalists so we filled a barrel full. Fresh bourbon brings out the finer flavors of this (7.4% abv) hoppy and malty complex winter style IPA.
Also prepare for a surprise (or two) we may dig up from the depths of our cellar!

Total Domination IPA
Multiple hops collide in balanced perfection, dominating the senses, achieving total satisfaction. From the Pacific Northwest, birthplace of the modern IPA, comes a beer whose name says it all.

Established 2006
Starting Gravity: 1067
IBUs: 65
ABV: 6.7%
Available: All year in 22oz. Bottles and on Draft

The beer went through normal fermentation and then was added to Pinot Noir casks. The casks were dry hopped with Amarillo hops for 2 weeks and then dry hopped with Crystal hops for two weeks. When the second dry hopping happened medium intensity French Oak slats were put in the casks as well.

Barrel Head: This is our popular Hammerhead with a twist. Aged in a Hogshead whiskey barrel for over 4 months and then cold conditioned for another 2 months, this hoppy ale has unique flavors. Hops are present but are then immediately pushed aside for the wood and oak characteristics. A hint of fruit is present in the nose as well but the finish is all dry and woody!! This beer will hit you like a barrel over your head!!

Dark Ages Stout: A dark beer aged for 5 months in our Hogshead whiskey barrel and then another 5 months of cold conditioning!! A year in the making gives this stout some complex and robust flavors! A whiskey aroma plays alongside the sweet and dark flavors of the stout. Hints of oak and whiskey wrap around the semi sweet malt characteristics and finishes with a smooth dryness. Sometimes being aged in the dark cellars is a very good thing! Enjoy this scrumptious ale with friends to ensure you don’t remain in the dark ages!!!

Brewed with 8 different specialty malts ranging from Black malt to Flaked Barley, this Imperial Stout is a robust, chewy version of the style. Aged in Jim Beam bourbon barrel for several months this full bodied beer has warmth from its alcohol and plenty of hop bitterness for balance, this beer will keep you toasty on a cold winter’s night.

Super Nebula, Imperial Stout
Imperial stout 100% aged in fresh emptied bourbon barrels & matured on house roasted cocoa nibs. Deep black brew, with a brown creamy head. Wood, chocolate, caramel and bourbon in the nose. Heavy mouth feel with extremely complex flavors, notes of molasses, vanilla, bourbon, coffee, roast fig and wood. Huge depth with a warming balanced finish.
11% alc/vol 58IBU’s

Wonka's Wit
Beligan inspired wheat ale spiced with orange peel, coriander, and locally gathered honey. Aged in oak barrels for 7-14 months with wild yeast and bacteria. Refreshingly sour with notes of coriander, orange and fruit with a crisp dry finish. 5.5%alc/vol

Beechwood Blonde: Our signature Knotty Blonde aged in Beechwood that will be light and sassy with a remembrance of the coast on a beautiful summer day.

Firewater Red: A blend of our Firestorm Red and an ‘09 Barley wine aged in a Pinot Noir barrel for 9 months. It’s gonna knock your socks off.

Berliner Weisse- Deschutes’ version of the original sour beer, called ‘Champagne of the North’ by Napoleon’s troops when visiting Germany. This beer has undergone 3 separate fermentations: lactic, weiss yeast, and wild yeast in oak casks. Mouth-puckering sour and extremely refreshing Berlinerweisse, Deschutes’ style. Souring took place with a low temperature (120F overnight rest in the kettle) as well as an inoculation post fermentation. All bacterial input came from the natural microbial flora on the malt.
IBU’s: 18 Alcohol Content: 5%

Mirror Mirror-Mirror Mirror is a double Mirror Pond Barley Wine that was aged in a variety of wooden barrels (including American Oak, Pinot, Port, & Bourbon). It was then blended & dry-hopped. Mirror Mirror has a big, warm, malty flavor with complex oak undertones & esters.
IBU's: 51 Alcohol Content 11.5%

Metolius Golden is one of our most popular beers. We aged it in a pinot barrel for 8 months. It pours dark golden emitting a sweet fruitiness from the pinot with undertones of oak and black cherry. The body is light and crisp ending with a dry finish. 5.2% abv

Sour Outback X underwent a spontaneous secondary fermentation while aging in one of our oldest bourbon barrels. It pours dark red with the sweet aroma of toffee and dried fruit. The flavor is chewy tart cherries and raisins with hints of bourbon and oak. It ends with chocolate espresso bean dryness. 9.5% abv

Bourbon Barrel Black 13
With 13 total ingredients, the rich, roasted, coffee like flavor of this Black Ale has been aged to perfection in the bourbon barrel. It is served a little lower in carbonation, and has been lightly infused with nitrogen.

Sour Girl
Once you introduce the wood to the Girl, it changes things forever! This is a cherry wheat ale that we have inoculated with lactobacillus. It has been aging in the bourbon barrel on additional Oregon cherries. This beer was created in honor of the Flanders style of beer.

Dubbel Woody - We will be sending a Belgian style dubbel aged in cabernet barrels for 8 months. Known as the dubbel woody A.B.V. 7.7%, 28 I.B.U. And a dry hopped English style I.P.A. aged in bourbon barrels for three months A.B.V. 7.2%, I.B.U. 47.

The Little Woody
704 NW Georgia Avenue
Bend, OR 97701


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