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Baldy's BBQ Customer Appreciation Week

Baldy's BBQ

Last week was Baldy's BBQ's Customer Appreciation Week as Baldy was celebrating their 3 year anniversary. It was their actual 3 year anniversary unlike other blogs that post yearly anniversaries after a couple months. I remember going to Baldy's the first night they were opened. I was super excited to have an actual BBQ joint in town.

I called up a BBQ friend and with the wife, we shared the sampler to try out all the different options. Everything was great and we've been back many times in the past three years. I normally get the ribs, by far the best in Bend.

Anyway, I noticed a big yellow sign the last time I drove by:

So we decided to go in for a quick lunch on Saturday. The wife and I split the $3 chili and $3 smothered fries and each had some ribs. Awesome all around. But watching Brian (Baldy) and his crew put a 70 lb pig into a smoker on top of a big snow bank was really interesting. No camera with me and cell phone photos were not going to do it justice. So I asked when the piggy was going to come out and said I'd come back for some photos.

I was lucky enough to get one of those pieces he trimmed off but the pig wasn't completely ready to come out. The piece I had was juicy, tender, and the skin was crispy and delicious! I wish I could have stuck around until it came out but I had to jet.

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Baldy's BBQ
235 SW Century Dr
Bend, OR 97702
(541) 385-7427


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