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Chili Cook Off 2010 - Bend Oregon

On Saturday The Athletic Club of Bend and Scanlon’s hosted up to 17 restaurants and chefs who cooked up their best chili concoctions. All proceeds donated to the Education Foundation for the Bend La Pine Schools.

Some friends, the Wife, and I made it over to the Athletic Club of Bend for this event and had a great time. After paying the measly $10 per person we were warned to "pace ourselves" but of course I did not. I sampled 16 of the 17 recipes and I really enjoyed about many of them. I applaud all of the restaurants for showing up and helping to raise money for a good foundation.

Jake's had one of the best Pork Verde's amongst the lot. Yeah, Jake's Diner had the best Pork Verde. They also had a sirloin chili that I liked a lot but everyone at our table couldn't stop talking about the verde. Turns out, since he had two, they could only turn in one for judging and it was the verde that went out as their entry.

Zydeco had this white bean and duck ... uh ... stew? I wouldn't classify it as chili but it was very good. They served it with crunchy bread crumbs and topped with crispy duck skin that had been smoked. That skin was insane! So good.

Joolz offered a very unique take on chili and I ended up giving them my vote as my favorite. Elk, chickpeas, a light Feta, tabbouli, and of course...the main attraction of any good chili...Fritos!

I'm joking about Fritos being a key ingredient but damn if I don't love some Chili Cheese Fritos. Not the flavored ones, the plane ones with a scoop of chili over them covered in cheese and a dollop of sour cream.

Pisano's had the most technically sound chili in my mind for a chili competition. No beans, only red sauce and meat. That a boy! He said it was mild but it ended up being one of the spiciest of the bunch. I would gladly have that chili over a dog any day.

Country Catering made a classic chili con carne with smoked brisket and everything was cooked perfectly.

After completely stuffing my face on chili, I passed out on the couch. The Wife made a pot of coffee and then passed out as well while it brewed. Heard one of my friends did the same as soon as he got back to his place. Loved it! What a great Saturday!

Restaurants that participated in the 2010 Chili Throwdown:

Scanlon's - Chef Brad

Zydeco - Chef Steve

28 - Chef Travis

Country Catering - Chef Cody

Joolz - Chef Ramsey

Broken Top - Chef Matt M.

Deschutes Brewery - Chef Matt N.

The Bagel Stop - Chef Dave

Elk Lake Resort - Chef Tony

Jakes Diner - Chef Jim

Parilla Grill - Chef Jeff

Sysco - Chef Kevin

La Rosa - Chef Roberto

El Burrito - Chef Jason

The Oxford - 10 below - Chef Sam

Pisano's - Chef Ed

Lake Creek Lodge - Chef Ann

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there! My favorites were Country Catering (which I ultimately voted for) and...Sysco. I'm quasi ashamed to admit that because they aren't even a restaurant. But Joolz made a solid chili, and they ended up winning so I can't be too disappointed. El Burrito had some solid chili verde but Jake's wasn't half bad!

February 02, 2010  

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