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Country Catering - Bend Oregon

Country Catering - Bend Oregon

Country Catering, located WAAYYYY over there on the East side of Bend, has been on my list to visit for a long time. I heard about their tri-tip sandwich and breakfast burritos. It sounded good to me so I was really looking forward to it.

It was my BORthday so I wanted to try something new and I knew I could leverage that it was my special day/week/month/year to get my friends to go anywhere I wanted. So on a beautifully freezing day in Bend Oregon, we filled out gas tanks and headed east across the railroad tracks to seek out some tri-tip. Country Catering is not that far on the east side, I just like to make fun.

We walk in and start looking through the menu trying to figure out what to order while we waited in the short line. When it was our turn, everyone in my group was getting the sandwich deal which comes with your choice of salad and a drink for $6.50. We order but with each one of our orders the guy behind the counter asks us what salad we wanted. We look in the case and feel the pressure as the line is forming behind us. We scramble to make our picks as the cashier was not too happy with us holding things up. He seemed to be feeling the pressure of the line forming as well.

I ordered the spicy tri-tip with the cole slaw and took my seat in what appeared to be the only waiting area in Bend that is actually colder than it has been outside. It was sooo cold in there that no one in our group took their coats off and we contemplated eating outside. Seriously.

The sandwich tasted good although I had to add some hot sauce since it wasn't even close to being anything remotely spicy. The flavors of the sandwich and slaw were pretty good and for $6.50, it was a pretty good deal.

I did not care for the Laker's jersey hanging on the wall though. I guess it's fitting with all the Cali's coming to town that they bring some "fans" with them.

If I find myself on that side of the tracks again, I will give Country Catering another try. That is assuming that they are willing to turn on the damn heat. Their menu looks plenty big so there is plenty to try. I also noticed that the deli case has premade breakfast burritos at great prices for a quick grab.

Country Catering & Deli Co
900 SE Wilson Ave
Bend, OR 97702
(541) 383-5014


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Anonymous Melanie, the Cog one.. said...

Do give them another try, their food can be d@mn good!

May 05, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I can say is "Where's the beef?" Looks a little paltry.

May 05, 2008  
Blogger Keeneye said...

I'm obsessed with size. How long/wide was the roll? 6"? 10"?

May 05, 2008  
Blogger Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

whoa Keeneye?!?! Ever since I was a teenager, my ruler has been on my nightstand!


I would guess around 3.5" wide and about 8" long.

May 05, 2008  

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