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5 Spice Happy Hour

5 Spice

I already wrote about 5 Spice but the Wife and I wanted to go back to check out their $5 Happy Hour Menu. The Wife and I can't get enough sushi or even Asian food. So when you say that you have sushi rolls for $5 and its from a quality restaurant like 5 Spice makes me want to jump at the chance.

We surveyed the options and opted out of the ridiculous $5 edamame but went for the Assorted Tempura, 5 Spice Beef Satay, Drunken Clams, and Sesame Crusted Lamb w/ Peppercorn Sauce. We also got the Philly Roll and Unagi Roll off of the $5 Happy Sushi menu.

The drunken clams were very good and had a little bit of a bite to them. I'd definitely get the drunken clams again.

The lamb was amazing and well worth the 5 bones. On our first visit and again on this one I thought that it was odd that a fork was available next to a pair of chopsticks. Well when the lamb is placed on a generous scoop of mashed potatoes and gravy, you need a fork. The mashed potatoes were some of the best I've ever had. Get this dish!

The 5 Spice Beef Satay wasn't really what I was expecting. The drawback to the happy hour menu is that there are not descriptions for some of the dishes. As you can see from the photo, the 5 Spice Beef Satay might have been the Filet Mignon Lollipop. I don't know but I wouldn't order this again. It was not worth the $5.

Finally, the sushi rolls. I didn't get a photo of the rolls which is going to hurt me on the credibility of this comment. They are soooo not worth it. A normal Philly Roll or California Roll is $8 (unagi was not listed on the options for rolls on the normal menu). The rolls we received were barely the size of HALF of a normal roll. So instead of $8 for a full roll, you pay $5 for half a roll. LAME. I would definitely NOT recommend the happy hour sushi at this time.

The Wife said that our $5 orders were not enough and we needed something else. She ordered the Fantastic Four Sampler - $18. One each of the following:

Hasu (Lotus) - (Seared ahi tuna wrapped around rice, topped with snow crab and a ginger ponzu sauce)

Kinofuji (Spiketail) - (Avocado wrapped around rice, topped with unagi, tobiko, and unagi sauce)

Sakura (Cherry Blossom) - (Maguro wrapped around rice, topped with tobiko and quail egg)

Momiji (Maple) - (Baked salmon wrapped around rice and topped with spicy scallop and tobiko)

Beautiful presentation and everything was very good. However, $18 was a bit steep for what you get. If you get any of these items by themselves it'll cost you $8 for a pair. So four pieces would only be $16 but I guess I understand the extra work involved to make four singles. Good but I don't think I'd drop another $18. It was great to try all four though.

All in all, I enjoyed getting to try some of the dishes like the Lamb without paying $26 for the entree portion. If you go for Happy Hour, try some of the dishes but avoid the Happy Hour sushi. Man up and get sushi off the regular me.

5 Spice Fusion and Sushi Bar
821 NW Wall Street
Bend, OR 97701
Phone: (541) 323-2328
Daily 4:00pm-Close
Happy Hours 4:00pm-6:00pm

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Blogger Jen F said...

I agree about the happy hour sushi. The sushi at Mio is better than the happy hour sushi at 5 spice.

I really liked the Ahi Poke from the happy hour menu though. It's served on a tempura-fried rice ball (or something) with a light sauce. Nice serving size and very tasty.

January 18, 2010  

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