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Summit Saloon - Downtowner Menu

Summit Saloon

Now with The Downtowner Menu

One of my biggest complaints of the Downtowner was always the tiny sitting space with huge tables. I've documented this a couple of times. The Downtowner is no longer in its old breeze-way location with the HUGE tables and customers that don't abide by the commonly known rules of not claiming a table before you ordered your food (rude). Instead, the Downtowner Menu lives in the Summit Saloon and Stage. For me, this is a great change. I can find a place to sit, stretch out, and enjoy watching Sportscenter on one of the many tvs while enjoying all that the Downtowner had to offer.

Lately I've been just devouring The Bronx Sub - Grilled turkey breast, capicola, onions, mozzarella cheese & basil pesto mayo on a sub roll for $9.

Nice big sandwich fit for a big fella like myself. Most normal men can't finish this entire sucker in one sitting. Hot turkey and Gabba-Goul, melted Mozz, and the soft hot roll. Freakin fantastic!

The only thing about the Summit is the consistency. I've had this same sandwich a few times now and each time it was different. Once it came without the cheese, once without the mayo. It's still a great sandwich.

You might have noticed the little cup of Mom's mustard in the photo. I highly recommend adding it to everything. Even if you don't put it on the sandwich, you can drink it straight like after Newman chokes down that sprig of broccoli in the Kenny Rodgers Chicken episode. Vial Weed!!!

The Summit Saloon
125 NW Oregon Ave
Bend, OR 97701

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3What? Got something to say?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been guilty of grabbing a table before ordering. I didn't want the order to come out of the kitchen if I had no place to sit, leaving the server standing there holding plates. And I can't eat well when balancing plates on my hands.

So it seemed that assuring that there would be a place to sit was the first order of business.

That was my thinking, anyways.

January 08, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you flipped the $9.00 for a sandwich!

January 08, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best thing about the change is that now you can get fries with your sandwich instead of chips. Yum. And it makes a great plate to split if you're not that hungry.

January 08, 2010  

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