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Scanlon's at the Athletic Club of Bend

Scanlon's Restaurant

Scanlon's is located in the Athletic Club of Bend and is still alive and kicking. Back when the Wife and I moved to Bend, there were only a few fine dining options available. But not too long after the head chef left Scanlon's and opened up Cork, Scanlon's sort of fell off the fine dining route. The food was still expensive but not that good. We stopped going.

Not too long ago we took a relative with us back to Scanlon's. Mainly because she had her 1 yr old with her and when you go to Scanlon's, you can drop your youngins off at the child care center, for free. While we were there I noticed Gavin McMichael (Executive Chef and co-owner of the Blacksmith) in the open kitchen and it sort of tripped me out. Apparently, he has been helping get Scanlon's back on the right path. After going back a few weeks later we met Brad Wood, formerly the Executive Sous Chef for Jody Dent @ Merenda, who is now the Executive Chef at Scanlon's.

On that visit I had a Salami and Prosciutto Sandwich and fell in love with it. I didn't have a camera and so when the Wife wanted to go to lunch on Martin Luther King day, we heading back to Scanlon's. Thankfully the sandwich was still on the menu and for only $8.

Salami and Prosciutto Sandwich - mozzarella, mustard, olive relish, greens:

The sandwich wasn't as big as the $12 loaf of bread you can get at NY Sub Shop but it was well worth the $8 to sit in a nice clean restaurant and the quality is top shelf. I liked this lunch a lot. I didn't leave stuffed or feeling heavy (at least no more than normal with my fat ass), just right. The Wife selected the Natural Chicken Sandwich - prosciutto, arugula, aioli, cranberry chutney, on house made foccacia for $9.

Her sandwich was good but just not for me. Seemed too girly. I like a manly sandwich like mine.

I'll go on record and say that Scanlon's is well on it's way back to the vanguard of Bend's Fine dining. Check out their menu's on their site. Also, I noticed that they have a Prime Rib Sunday Dinner for $19.95 going on. I'm planning on being there this Sunday since there isn't any football this weekend. Go Steelers!

61615 Athletic Club Dr
Bend, OR 97702


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My experience just recently was, well, pleasantly unexpected. The atmosphere felt cool and casual as opposed to "fine dining". The menu was priced sensitive to the economy and the food was delicious. Fun.

March 31, 2009  

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