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Best Hot Wings in Bend Oregon - 2007

Best Hot Wings in Bend Oregon

If a restaurant that I visit has Hot Wings on the menu, I have to try them. I love hot wings. I love spicy chicken in general but hot wings are just awesome. I've tried wings in all sorts of places in Bend such as Hardy's, Baldy's, Applebees, BBC's, Deschutes, Cascade Lakes Lodge, Outback, Red Robin, and Village Grill.

I can't find a place in town that consistently serves the flats or wingettes instead of just the drumettes. I like the flats much better and they tend not to have any weird pieces or chewy bits like the mini drumsticks do. But I'll take what I can get.

Hardy's has a combination of drumsticks and flats and also sport the hottest wings I've ever had in Bend. I've had hotter and I have a great story about it that I'll share some time. But from my sampling of the wings in Bend, Hardy's isn't even in my top three.

I love the traditional "Franks Red Hot" style of hot wing sauce on my wings. I don't need the coke sauce or the crazy thai peanut sauce. Just give me the normal hot sauce or possibly a honey BBQ from time to time to mix it up.

Baldy's made my list in third place for the best wings in Bend Oregon but I can't put them any higher. Their wings are tender, the sauce is great, the breading is great, they're almost too good that I think there is something shady going on. I'm disappointed that Baldy's will no longer let me split the wings amongst the BBQ and Hot. The wife likes BBQ, I like hot. let me split the order man.

BBC or Bend Brewing Company has my favorite hot wing sauce in all of Bend. Unfortunately the consistency is not there. Some times the wings are drenched in sauce and are cooked to perfection, other times they can be dry and overcooked. If they were more consistent, I would have chosen the BBC as top honors.

The award of Best Hot Wings in Bend Oregon goes to Deschutes Brewery. Deschutes has the most consistent and an amazing flavor to their hot wings. I'll get a half order of wings on almost every visit. I look forward to eating them again and again.

Deschutes Beer Pub
1044 NW Bond Street, between Franklin and Greenwood
Bend, OR 97701

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Blogger Jen said...

Reed Pub serves both flats and drumettes. I had a half order of hot wings and a small salad for dinner there the other night. Mmmm...

January 02, 2008  
Blogger Marci said...

While Deschutes serves some delicious wings, our favorite place for wings was Ernestos before it unfortunately closed. They served the largest plate of the most giant, meaty, flavorful wings we have ever had in Central Oregon or the Portland area. We were so dissappointed when they shut their doors, and have yet to find a place that matches their perfect wings!!

September 02, 2010  

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