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Best Fries in Bend Oregon - 2007

Best Fries in Bend Oregon

I've had fries all over Bend Oregon and for me, the fries really compliment your meal. The fries I had on my visit to JC's Bar and Grill were probably my least favorite. The oil needed to be changed in a bad way. The sweet potato fries at CHOW were very tasty, just a little inconsistent on the texture.

The special sauce at Dandy's makes up for their fries being a little on the mushy side. The shoestring fries at The Hottest Dog compliment their weiners nicely. And I know I'm going to upset some people but I do NOT like the "chili" fries from Longboard Louis.

When Deschutes is making their own fries, they are hard to beat and with their own mustard, should probably win for best fries in Bend Oregon.

But that honor is going to Merenda's pommes frites. They are top shelf and have the best presentation for fries.

Merenda Restaurant
900 NW Wall St
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 330-2304

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Blogger Live on the Fly said...

I love Zydeco's Garlic Fries. No one will get near you for 24 hours, but boy are they tasty!!

January 02, 2008  
Anonymous chocolatier said...

I have $13 left on my gift card so I'll have to try the frites. That's the only reason I'll go back. My dinner there last night was a crushing disappointment. The serving of Beef Carne Cruda Crostini was tiny and uninspired. The serving of tagliolini was not much bigger and was dwarfed by the huge bowl. Who thought that was a good idea? The shrimp in the pasta was really strange. The last time I saw crustaceans that small was a plankton sample under the dissecting scope. Oh, and the bread was cold. How could such a good restaurant have fallen so far? I hate complaining because I know how hard it is to run a restaurant, but the bar is falling rapidly in Bend.

January 11, 2008  

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