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Best Lunch in Bend Oregon - 2007

Best Lunch in Bend Oregon

There are so many places that you can grab a great lunch meal in Bend. What I look for in a good lunch is speed, quality, and value. I have a job...technically and need to get food quickly from time to time. But I don't want fast food. I want good food in a timely manner.

I like the Downtowner a great deal for a sandwich and some soup but I can't stand the seating situation in there. Especially when a group behind me and my friends decides to snag a seat before they've ordered. I hate this soooo much. You're throwing off the order of things!

Look, you are at the back of the line, you send your friend/kid/significant other to go grab a table. This is soooo wrong. What about the people in front of you? They are waiting to order and then grab a table. So what if by the time they order there are not any tables? Their food arrives and they have no where to sit....yet you haven't even ordered yet and you have a table waiting for you. We live in a society people!! Take your seat after you order and all will run smoothly as it should.

For my money, the Best Lunch in Bend Oregon is found at Toomies. For only $5.95 you get a small green salad with some peanut sauce, rice, phad thai, and whatever your main selection is. I always go for the chicken red curry with some extra spice to it. I ask for three stars over the normal two. I think it means they throw in an extra dash of crushed reds but whatever, it's hot.

Toomies Thai Restaurant
119 NW Minnesota
Bend, OR 97701

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Anonymous hophound said...

Great deal for the price! Now if it could only taste good.

January 04, 2008  
Anonymous chocolatier said...

I can't argue with the Toomie's value. But I love the lunches at High Tides and McKay Cottage. I always arrange my business lunches at either place.

Great job on the blog. I thought I ate out a lot, but I am in awe of your activity.

January 04, 2008  

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