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Typhoon - Bend Oregon

Typhoon - Bend Oregon

Typhoon is phinally here! With three Thai restaurants in Bend already, why is it that Bendites have been waiting eagerly at the windows of Typhoon for it to open like that lady in the old Mervins after Thanksgiving sale commercials with her face all pressed on the glass saying "Open, open, open" over and over again?
I have not been to any of the Typhoon restaurants and was dying to find out what all the hype was about. The wife and I tried to get some reservations for a Saturday night but nothing open until after 8:30...crazy. I like the early bird special so I can be in bed by 7:30 so we settled for Sunday.

We started off with the Nibble Platter appetizer which comes with Veggie Spring Rolls, Chicken Satay, Lemongrass Pork, Bags of Gold, Kra-thong Tong and Fried Wontons.

Veggie Spring Rolls - good, for being veggies...the wife liked them.
Chicken Satay - chicken on a stick, tender and flavorful, excellent when dipped in any of the three sauces
Lemongrass Pork - pork on a stick, tender and flavorful, excellent when dipped in any of the three sauces
Bags of Gold - first time having these and since they were also fried, quite good
Kra-thong Tong - like a mini chicken pot pie but with a tough sounding name KRA THONG TONG!!!
Fried Wontons - Its a fried wonton, what do you want, dip it and enjoy

We love the appetizers like this so you can get a sampling of a variety of dishes.
Next we went with the Crab Phad Thai off of the specials menu. I love shell fish and I am always looking for some great Phad Thai. Crab in the Phad Thai is something new for me but blended nicely and there was a good portion of crab in the noodles. The noodles were prepared perfectly and the ground peanuts were a nice touch.

Five-Spice Crispy Duck - Served with steamed buns, cinnamon plum sauce, green onions and cilantro. Now I don't get duck very often but the times I've had it, it was juicy and tender. I figure this duck would be the same but with a nice crispy skin.

The buns were nice and soft and we tried desperately to pull the duck apart to build little sandwiches. Unfortunately the duck was really dry and tough. We didnt say anything cause we didn't really know if this was how it was supposed to be prepared or not. Either way, we didn't care for it at all. It was like duck jerky.

Next up was the Pineapple Curry. The pineapple gave the spicy curry this subtle sweetness which was a great addition.

We enjoyed our dinner very much aside from the overcooked duck. For the dishes above, a cup of tea (from their insanely huge menu of teas) and a couple Tsing Tao beers, we only spent $76. I thought we'd spend a lot more.

After having such a good first experience for dinner, I wanted to try one of the other curry's and went back for lunch a couple days later. On this visit I tried the Panang Curry. Not so sweet and more peanutty, I was excited. But what I received was a small cup of curry for $9 and a scoop of rice.

I wish I put a spoon or something with this photo cause it was sooo small. You can see how one of the peppers is taking up half of the cup. I was hoping for about twice as much as I received for that price. It tasted great, but I left hungry.

Typhoon is great for dinner, but right now I'd rather go to Toomies for the lunch special over this cup o curry.

Typhoon! Bend
Franklin Crossing Building
550 NW Franklin Ave., Suite 148,
Bend, OR 97701

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10What? Got something to say?

Blogger Keeneye said...

My folks went there for dinner and proclaimed it the best restaurant in Bend... said everything was beyond perfect. They also mentioned that it was far cheaper than they had anticipated - appetizer, two entrees, 4 beers and a dessert for under $70. Sounds good to me!

December 09, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who goes to bed at 7:30, honestly?

December 10, 2007  
Blogger Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

It was a joke. No good?

December 10, 2007  
Anonymous Bendite said...

I go to bed by 7:30 most nights. No joke.

December 14, 2007  
Anonymous Bendite said...

Tried the chicken phad thai and phad see ew. Not enough chicken, and the portions are definitely smaller than Toomies. I like the cardboard takeout boxes much better than the standard styrofoam, but for the money I think I'll go back to Toomies takeout.

December 14, 2007  
Blogger I Go by Ed said...

Went there and I thought it was decent. My problem is this: lunch at Typhoon costs twice as much as lunch at Toomies. But the food isn't twice as good.

December 31, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have heard mixed reviews and was hoping it was like the Portland restaurants which have never dissappointed. However, someone keeps telling people they can open a restaurant and sell $3 worth of food for $20. The value at Tummis (price/taste) is higher than Typhoon. I am sad to say this since I eat at the PDX restaurants almost everytime I am there. The same dishes seem to cost 30% more out here in the middle of nowhere!

I hope they hear this enough.


January 05, 2008  
Anonymous HopHound said...

I finally visited Typhoon for dinner on Saturday. I knew what to expect since I've eaten at their Portland locations several times. It's not the food that's the problem with Typhoon! Bend. It's the lack luster service. I mean seriously. What is with the Bend service industry? Is it that hard to find "professional" wait staff and bar staff? For the most part, Bend area restaurants lack quality service. Typhoon! is no different. I'm not expecting 5 diamond service. But if my tab's going to be in the $100+ neighborhood then I expect issue free service. Unfortunately my recent visit to Typhoon! had it's share of mistakes. Wrong drink orders at the bar, bar staff taking away my drink without asking if I was finished, slow response to orders, infrequent check-ins at the table, forgot an order of Chix Fried Rice (which they be fair).

Again, I don't expect too much but when you screw up the basics and you're paying some solid grrrr for your meal then you should expect better service.

April 21, 2008  
Anonymous Sheri Dettman said...

I had dinner last night at Typhoon along with four other people. Actually we were going to Bo but they were closed so we ended up next door. We love Bo but Typhoon was great as well. We had a lot of the same things as in the main review so I won't go over them here. They were all sooooo tast and the duck was perfect. In addition we had the yellow curry and the scent alone was heaven.

There was one hiccup in the service which was a faulty printer didn't send our order to the kitchen (so the server said and she seemed truthful) and so it took a little longer but really it wasn't a big deal. And they did take a small amount off the bill which we hadn't asked them to do.

We'll all be back, sooner rather than later!

June 30, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to work at Typhoon. Their yellow curry is amazing. I've never been dissapointed with the quality control. I did get food poisoning from the crab phad thai once at cannot stomach eating it ever again.

October 01, 2008  

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