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Super Burrito is Closing...Moving?

Super Burrito

I was reading Duncan's post on Super Burrito closing and thought that today I'd go down there for lunch to check out the situation. Then I read Lyle's comment about how the Bulletin should hire me (where do I send my resume?). So I was checking out the Bulletin this morning to see where I apply and found their article on Super Burrito being forced out.

"At the beginning of the month, Moreno (SB Owner) said DesertScape issued a 30-day notice to move out because the space would no longer be used for food service."

"Central Oregon residents loyal to downtown’s Super Burrito have until Tuesday to gobble up the restaurant’s generous portions of quickly made and affordably priced Mexican food."

I liked that Super Burrito was downtown. I thought it was a good place to get a quick bite really cheap. Seems like there are not many options left downtown unless you want to buy from the street vendors.

There are many many Mexican restaurants in Bend. I wonder how Super Burrito will do outside of downtown when they are competing against the Taco Stand, Pepe's, the El Caporal gang or restaurants, La Rosa, and so on.

You have until Tuesday July 31st to get your downtown Super Burrito on.

Super Burrito
118 NW Minnesota Ave
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 317-1384

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