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McKay Cottage Restaurant

McKay Cottage

I had reservations about all the hype around McKay Cottage. Especially when Gusto said McKay Cottage won four 'best ofs' from their "readers". No one I know had actually been there and I know almost everyone. Only Jon's wife had said "We have been there and it is wonderful..."

Everyone else says "I have not been there but I hear its good". How does every one hear that McKay Cottage is good but only a couple people have actually been there? I'm confused.

I finally decided that I had to check out this place that Gusto Magazine's "readers" voted Best Burger, Best Waitress (not sure how this is even a category), Best Service, and Best Breakfast. Best burger AND best breakfast, that seems like an odd mix and an amazing task to accomplish. I'm going to assume that the ballot sheets and the results were compiled at McKay Cottage.

So I was there for lunch recently and I went for the McKay Burger...I had to see how this burger at "Bend's Best Breakfast" joint would stack up to Pilot Butte, Dandy's Drive In, and Jake's Diner.

After getting my burger, it only took one bite to realize that Gusto's "readers" (I know you like the quotes Jake) might actually be on to something. I am not going to agree 100% and say that this is the Best Burger in Bend but its probably in the top 4. One of the factors that you need to consider when voting is price. The McKay Burger is $9.95. That's not nothing.

The patty was real thick like in most photos of what a burger should look like. It was tender, juicy, cheesy, and the Thousand Island dressing was a nice touch.

I will return to McKay Cottage as soon as possible to try out breakfast. I'm also kicking myself for not sitting outside. It wasn't that warm out though so I wanted to sit inside. I was a little taken back by the average age of the patrons which was roughly around 74. Seriously, my friend and I were the youngest in there by a couple decades. My buddy and I honestly discussed if we were up to date on our CPR certification. At one point I knocked over the bottle of ketchup on the table and after the loud noise it made, we both scanned the room making sure everyone was ok and not startled too much.

Some may claim agism on my part but I have always called it like I see it. The elderly love Pine Tavern and apparently they love lunch at McKay Cottage. I can see why, it's a really nice place. The service is great and the waitresses talk really loud to some of the customers around us. I'm not joking, it caught me off guard twice.

Ok, I'm making way too big of a deal about this. I'm just saying, there were a lot of elderly kicking it while we were there. That's all.

Overall our experience was great. Great food and service, can't complain.

The McKay Cottage Restaurant
62910 O B Riley Rd
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 383-2697

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12What? Got something to say?

Anonymous Jon's wife said...

I have not been there for lunch since it changed hands, so I cannot on the lunch there, but do go there for breakfast. YUM!

I have not noticed an elderly patrons there, but we usually go for breakfast on the weekend (usually busy), but have taken my daughter on a weekday and it was just a few tables. The benedict is very good.

July 23, 2007  
Blogger Chillable said...

We've only been once, for breakfast, and the reason we went was because we too had heard SO many good things about it. Honestly, it was delicious---probably some of the best eggs benedict I've had in Bend (the other being the Vic, of course). My husband's breakfast really took the cake though---stuffed french toast! It was awesome, and probably enough for 2 people.
Despite what Gusto readers say, though---the service SUCKED when we were there. It was actually enough to make us not want to go back! Although we probably will, of course...

July 23, 2007  
Blogger Just a cuppa lovers. said...

We like the McKay Cottage and will go there if the mood strikes. They are typically packed when that happens, of course.

July 23, 2007  
Anonymous Keeneye said...

The eggs benedict is some of the best I've had, and yes, the stuffed French toast is ridiculously big. I love their scones, too, with honey butter, and washing it all down with a mango mimosa makes it perfect!

July 23, 2007  
Blogger xxldave said...

McKay's is our favorite spot for breakfast. The Mango Mamosa's are great! Some of our fav's are the Smith Rock Benny, Stuffed French Toast and the crab cakes benedict. I had the burger last week and it was great too. Jolie is our fav server and they all seem to know us when we go. My wife and I splurged and had their Valentines Day dinner for two which included a bottle of pretty good champagne as well as some very gourmet entree's. It gets pretty busy there on the weekends so we try to go during the week.

August 01, 2007  
Blogger prrrof said...

We don't live in Bend, but we do the Eugene-Boise trip several times a year. We'd been stopping at Pilot Butte, and we probably still will sometimes...however, last time through we made it to Bend by mid-morning and my mom knew of Mckay Cottage, so we went there for breakfast. It was *excellent*--I loved the outside eating area, and the food was wonderful. As a through-traveler, it's great to know of a good restaurant that's also right off the main road!

August 09, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

McKay is my favorite place for breakfast. I love the french toast and feel really comfortable eating here. I have tried the cheese burger and it also was very good. I would highly reccommend this restaurant,whether u are young or old.

October 07, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today we went for breakfast. I had noticed that the menu lacked one of my favorites. The waitress remembered what it was after only one hint: 'White cheddar or white cheese'. She recited the name and left to ask the occupants of the kitchen if it were even possible (after covering with 'I can not guarantee'). The news upon her return was good and her demeanor had been wonderful.

The food was split for us. The potatoes were a little overcooked and without either of us mentioning it, after one look she quickly retrieved perfectly cooked potatoes.

We were never out of water and we were not bothered by constant check-ups (a tremendous annoyance).

This was, by far, the best of many visits to this restaurant. I have NEVER had a bad experience.

November 05, 2007  
Blogger Richard L. Gorman said...

McKay's Cottage is a GREAT place. Pam, the owner, is very personable and accommodating. We have personally been there for breakfast and lunch and my wife had a bridal luncheon (outside) there for 15 ladies (young) and they did an excellent job. I can't say enough about the place.

April 10, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was amused by the observation about the older clientele at McKay's Cottage. I recently reached the half-century mark myself and have never felt like the crowd was skewed significantly older than me. Be that as it may, the typical reader might misconstrue the age remark to mean McKay's is quite different than it is. The setting is quite nice on a low-volume street/road off the main highway with peek views of the Deschutes River and a large grassy yard with trees, flowers and lilac bushes. The building itself is a converted Craftsman style house with tasteful artwork on the walls, a stone fireplace, original wood floors and lots of windows. So it's not the type of place you might usually associate with the older set. Perhaps what the reviewer sensed was that the crowd tends to consist of diners who have achieved a certain level of financial comfort and who desire quality that they can't find anywhere else. Perhaps that correlates with what the reviewer observed as 'older'.
My family and I have dined here numerous times, and when my in-laws are in town we almost always visit McKay's a couple of times with them at their request (which we are most happy to oblige since they always pick up the tab!) But seriously, I've had many breakfasts and many lunches at McKay's for the simple reason that there isn't a more consistently high-performing restaurant in Bend. And just to let you know that McKay's isn't a fluke, the owner, Pam, previously owned our favorite restaurant in La Jolla, California where the food and service were of equally high quality to McKay's. So she has a track record to be envied by her competition. There are only two small criticisms I can think of about McKay's: The parking lot is on the small side and oddly shaped with spaces opportunistically placed. And the inside dining space is limited now that the word is out about how good McKay's food and service is. But the way I look at it, after many, many repeat visits, the satisfaction my family feels during and after the meal is worth whatever small effort or inconvenience we might experience while trying to find a parking space or waiting for a table. If you're lucky you'll be served by Jolie who works Sunday mornings -- she is really a treat! What a lovely person!
Note to editor: If you were having trouble finding people you know who have been to McKay's to get their opinions, maybe you're hanging with the wrong crowd -- at least as far as soliciting restaurant advice goes.

August 28, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Depending on the time and day you went... it might account for all the old people.

December 09, 2008  
Blogger Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

Really Anonymous? Really? Wow, thanks for the amazing insight. Seriously though, no shit. You can say that about anything and anywhere. Thanks for contributing to the conversation.

December 10, 2008  

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