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Best of 2007 - Bend Oregon Restaurants

Bend Oregon Restaurants Best of 2007

So far I have reviewed over 80 Bend Oregon restaurants and have really enjoyed corresponding with fellow foodies, restaurant owners, and anonymous enthusiasts who all have their own comments and favorites. I made my comments on the 2007 Best of Bend lists published by the Source, Gusto, and Bend Living. I have given advice to tourists who are looking for a couple spots with specific requests.

I've felt cocky enough to spout off my opinion on topics like dining out with kids, when to send food back, restaurant tipping, and breastfeeding in restaurants. Now I feel that I would like nothing more but to stuff some more of my opinions down your throat. So I'm doing my own "Best of" but my best of list has to be a little different. Since I provide my opinion on the actual meal that I eat and not so much on the restaurant itself, I figure my "Best of" list needs to be focused on the actual meals compared to others.

I also feel that "Best of" lists are silly when published before the year is over. A good example is Hans getting best dessert....but they are now closed. Must have been insanely good desserts to win the award without participating for a few months of the year. Anyway, since my opinion is the only one that matters, you'll read the following and love it. My favorite restaurants are based on my own personal experiences at restaurants that I've actually visited.

Here we go.

Best Breakfast in Bend Oregon

Best Hot Wings in Bend Oregon

Best Burger in Bend Oregon

Best Happy Hour in Bend Oregon

Best French Fries in Bend Oregon

Best Burrito in Bend Oregon

Best Lunch in Bend Oregon

Best Pizza in Bend Oregon

Best Phad Thai in Bend Oregon

Best Ribs in Bend Oregon


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