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Sweetheart Donuts

Sweetheart Donuts - Bend Oregon

I was driving down 97 (or 3rd street) and noticed Sweetheart Donuts sitting there. Lately I have noticed that I scan the streets for restaurants that I have not been to that I'd like to visit and write about. I realized as I saw the 25 year old donut shack that I have never had a donut from there.

That's a shame. So this morning I made it a point to swing by and grab a box. For only $6.60 I was handed this box of delicious donuts.

I'm not going to lie and say they were all incredible since I only ate one. I mean, I'm a fatty but I'm not about to polish off a box of donuts all to myself. I shared with some office folks and I kept the maple bar for myself. The dough was light and after a quick toss into the microwave for 5 seconds it was soft and warm. I nuked it since the box of donuts were so cold just from the parking lot into the office.

The maple frosting was spread on generously and very rich. With my coffee, it was a great start to a Friday. The wife enjoyed her Coconut donut (ick). She said it was "blah blah blah" I wasn't listening since it was Coconut. Nasty. I took a quick survey and everyone said their donut was good. It could have been that no one wanted to say anything about a free donut but whatever. I don't care, I don't really even work there.

Sweetheart Donuts
505 Ne 3rd St
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 389-7928


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Blogger Lyle said...

I do believe that it goes back further than 25 years. I recall it from my youth but maybe I am just imagining that.

Thank you for acknowledging them. They are a couple of locals just trying to make a go at it with nothing fancy but just good old hard work.

I recall the previous owner who I see around from time to time. He had a college degree but loved getting up every morning and making donuts the old fasion way. I talked to him a couple of times as he turned the donuts over in the vat of oil using two long wooden sticks.

I remember his truck parked out next to the building day after day. Like the donuts he made, his truck never changed as he scraped out a living for him and his family serving donuts to locals.

What you have ran across is yet another piece of old Bend that I hope will remain.

January 26, 2008  
Anonymous Julie said...

God that looks great! and utterly coated with sin... *tummy grumbles..

January 28, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweetheart Donuts was started by my father Chuck Raner in 1974. Prior to that it was called Mel's burgers. Thanks, Jim Raner Anthem, Az.

April 28, 2008  

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