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Beer Dinner - Bethlehem Inn Benefit

Last weekend the wife and I joined some friends and Redmond Roger and his wife for some great beers paired up with some great food at Deschutes' Mountain Room...oh and to support the Bethlehem Inn of course. The evening was a blast for all of us. We laughed (loudly), and joked the night away about all sorts of random topics while we sipped our beers and enjoyed our meals.

When we arrived our friends were already chillin and enjoying some appetizers and half pints. All the glasses were half pints which make me feel like I need to raise my pinky when sipping on them. Like I'm having tea and watercress sandwiches while playing bocce and talking about the recent Jai alai match.

Anyway, we munched on a couple of the appetizers like the tortilla chip with watermelon and a thin slice of sashimi tuna. Good, but wet meat is something I'm not really used to. I've tried Prosciutto and Honeydew and its ok, just not really for me....and I like bacon on anything!

I really enjoyed the Kobe beef on a crustini over (I can't remember the cheese, I want to say Gouda) topped with a green tomatilla salsa.

For our first course we sat and stared at Greg Unruh's Lobster Bisque and Lobster Roll as we listened to a speech about the Bethlehem Inn and what it is that they do. I nervously waited until after the speeches about the Inn, the Bachelor Bitter, and the Brown Butter Lobster Bisque and the sandwich before snapping the photo. I was worried that the bisque would get cold but it was just right.

Greg (from Cork) nailed this dish and its pairing with the bitter. Freakin awesome. To be honest, this was my first ever lobster bisque AND my first ever lobster roll. Both were great but I think the lobster roll should have been a footlong sub all NY Sub Shop style. As a seafood lover, this was my favorite dish although it was very tough to compare on dish to another as they were very different and all delicious in their own way...well except for one.

This one:

Roasted Root Vegetable salad with Tarragon Vinaigrette paired with Mirror Pond by Deschutes Brewery's Matt Neltner. Redmond Roger and I both did not give this dish much of a chance. I did try a couple of pieces but to be honest, these are what food eats. On to the next one!

Gavin McMichael's (from the Blacksmith) Campfire Trout with Cowboy Caponata, Beer Barley Risotto, and a Honey Nut Beurre Blanc paired with one of my favorites, the Hop Trip. I grubbed this dish up, the trout was amazingly good. I thought the risotto really tied the whole thing together. And for my first every taste of a Beer Barley Risotto, I enjoyed it very much and would order it again.

Next up was Jody Denton's (Deep and Merenda) Moroccan Lamb Tangine with Roasted Vegetables paired with the Green Lakes Organic Ale.

The lamb and the sauce were absolutely delicious. I actually took the photo of the plate in front of me but while the wife was turned around looking at the people telling us about the food and beer, I stole her plate cause it had more lamb. I loved the lamb but didn't really care for many of the vegetables....neither did RR (Redmond Roger).

Everyone at the table agreed that we would have liked some bread to dip into the gravy as it was that good.

And then there was dessert:

Katrina Spatrisano prepared the dessert of chocolate soup with pound cake croutons (inside the soup) paired with the McMenamish sounding Dominator Stout. Other than the name, that stout is freaking gooood. I'm not a big fan of dessert so the wife helped me finish my soup. It was really rich but those croutons and the little cookies that I dipped in my soup were all great.

Everything paired so nicely all night long. Plus I was loaded by the end of the evening. Finished the night off with a pint of Hop Trip and I was all set for bed.

Bethlehem Inn
3705 N Highway 97
Bend, OR 97701

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Breastfeeding in Restaurants

Breastfeeding in Restaurants

Listening to Power 94 this morning the question was asked by D-Marie about breastfeeding in restaurants or in public in general. She said that she was out to dinner and witnessed another patron breastfeeding at the table.

I'll weigh in on this topic with ease. Get the hell over it and your 1950's society issues. I'd much rather see a responsible mother keeping her child happy and healthy at the table instead of letting the kid scream in hunger. What is your problem with breastfeeding? It is a perfectly natural way for human beings to feed their offspring. Every species in the world does it. Why does it offend you to see a woman feeding her child?

If you argue with me, I'll win. It's fine, get over it.

What I want to know is why I've received glares from ladies on the occassions that I get "caught" looking (not staring) even for a second at a women breastfeeding. Why should I feel embarrassed? I'm not trying to get a glimpse, I just happen to notice what's going on around me.

I am a curious guy. I look at everyone that walks in the door, I scan the room to see if I know anyone when I enter a restaurant or bar or wherever. If I happen to notice a woman breastfeeding, it seems that she makes eye contact with me...well...she makes eye contact...I don't. Hey man, it's an exposed booby! I'm a guy....I don't think I can help it.

I think women are on over alert status while breastfeeding. If I happen to glance at you (not on purpose), don't glare at me or get all pissy. I'm not a perv, I'm not a freak. I just happened to be looking over in your direction for a second. If you're going to whip it out, I might notice...that's the price you pay.

Anyway, I say go for it. Who cares. Shouldn't even be an issue.

Here's a good resource on the subject.


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Super Burrito is Coming Back!!

A few loyal BOR visitors tipped me off to the banner hanging outside of the now vacant Makahna's Trattoria that reads "something something (banner is falling down a bit) Super Burrito is Back". I guess the quotes are unnecessary as I had a margarita at lunch and can't remember what it read. I think it was more like Coming Soon, Super Burrito...We're Back.

Whatever. Word on the street is that they are trying to get thing's done so they can be open by Dec. 1. Hope it happens and I hope that they can manage to keep that huge location filled with burrito loving patrons. It's got to be 100 times the size of the closet that they occupied on Minnesota before being crudely evicted. (oh that margarita is really kicking in...yeah I'll totally blame the liquor)

Good news though as there are fewer places to eat downtown for a quick and affordable lunch. Makahna's wasn't on my list as they were not even close to being quick nor affordable (or very good for that matter).

Good for you Super Burrito!! May I suggest adding a BORrito to the menu? Marinated pork, mixed beans (refried and black for you gringos), cheese, and rice. Have it be extra large as I'm a big boy. That's my BORrito. Let's do this!


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3rd Annual Bethlehem Inn Benefit BEER DINNER

Alrighty, who's going? Look at that line up of Chefs! And it's for charity!

3rd Annual
Bethlehem Inn Benefit
Saturday, November 10th
Doors open at 6:00 pm, Dinner at 6:30 pm

Featuring local guest chefs:

Course 1
Roasted Root Vegetable Salad with a Tarragon Vinaigrette
Mirror Pond Pale Ale
Matt Neltner (Deschutes Brewery)

Course 2
Brown Butter Lobster Bisque and Lobster Roll Sandwich
Bachelor Bitter
Greg Unruh (Cork)

Course 3
Campfire Trout with Cowboy Caponata, Beer Barley Risotto, and a Honey Nut Beurre Blanc
Hop Trip
Gavin McMichael (The Blacksmith)

Course 4
Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Roasted Autumn Vegetables
Green Lakes Organic Ale
Jody Denton (Merenda & Deep)

Course 5
Chocalate soup with a Pound Cake Crouton
Obsidian Stout
Matt Neltner (Deschutes Brewery)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

$85/person includes a five course dinner, drinks, and gratuity.
All proceeds donated to the Bethlehem Inn
For reservations please call 541.385.8606


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Jackalope Grill Cooking Class

"Hosting a Party and Enjoying It Too"

Join The Jackalope Grill's Chef Timothy Garling for an evening of great

food, wine and secrets for "Hosting a Party and Enjoying It Too." The
class includes wine and hors d’oeuvres, demonstration and hands-on
preparation in the kitchen, handouts with recipes and techniques and
sampling of menu dishes paired with wine and/or beer.

Class starts at 6:00 pm at The Jackalope Grill and are limited to just
six participants (these classes sell out quickly). Cost is $50 for an
individual or $75 for two. To reserve a space, call The Jackalope Grill

at 541-318-8435. For locations and info, go to:

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What's up with the downtown SOBA?

SOBA used to be one of my favorite lunch destinations and now with the loss of Super Burrito, Hans, and Kushinbo Kitchen, there are few affordable options for lunch downtown. But the last few times I've gone to lunch, the food has taken insanely long to make its way to our table.

The last two times the wife and I went there for lunch, once on a Saturday and once during the week, we sat for what seemed like forever waiting for our grub. The Saturday that we went seemed sort of busy with the tables nearly full but we were the only ones in line, found a table and then sat and sat. Just last week we went and the same thing happened. I made a note of the time especially because we had an appointment to get to in about 45 minutes.

We sat for 25 mintues after ordering and getting our beverages before the food got to our table. Does that sound like a long time for anyone else?


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Letter to the Editor - "Sumi's is a Sushi Jewel"

In The Source Weekly there is a letter to the editor that is titled "Sumi's is a Sushi Jewel" which you are welcome to read.

I could not disagree more with the comments on how great the sushi is. If I have never been to Sumi's and I read that comment in The Source, I would run to Sumi's immediately only to be disappointed. I've posted my review of the experience that I had at Sumi's Japanese Restaurant which sort of touches on this subject.

The quality of fish is top notch for sure. But man, that price is insane. $9.50 is not that bad for a good sushi roll but when you see the portion you get at Sumi's, you'll be sad. The roll is about 2.5 inches long when you put it back together. That's roughly half the size of a roll anywhere else. So you're talking about $20 per full size roll....the quality is good....but it's not THAT good.

I've been to Sumi's a few times now and it's ok. I like Sumi, she's great. I like their food but the price and portions are killing me. You'll drop $50 on dinner for two and leave hungry. That's not including drinks which ain't cheap either.

It is good to have a variety of Japanese restaurants to choose from and I wish there were more here. I just wouldn't sweat Sumi's as hard as the comment at the Source does.

Sumi's Japanese Restaurant
1444 NW College Way, Suite 1
Bend Oregon


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