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deep Restaurant - Bend Oregon

deep Restaurant

When we heard about a new Japanese restaurant called deep opening up in Bend, the wife and I couldn't wait to try it out. We are big fans of good Sushi so when we are out of town we grub it up. In Bend we will normally head to Kanpai for happy hour.

We started with some drinks and the special appetizer of Hamachi Kama (the collar of a yellowtail tuna) which was delicious and a good portion. The wife is very good at finding every scrap of meat on this sucker and we have to keep sending the staff away when they try to take it from us too soon. They see it as done but the wife knows there is more meat hiding in there...and she's always right. The seasoning was spot on, salty, peppery perfection.

We ordered some nigiri and a specialty roll, the Golden Dragon: Crisp Soft Shell Crab with Mango, Peanuts and Thai Chili Sauce. I would have preferred that the sweet chili sauce was presented more on the side of the roll instead of putting the roll directly on top of the sauce as I like to be in control of the amount of sauce used.

We also ordered the Sashimi Salad with Cucumber, Crisp Salmon Skin and Sesame-Daikon Vinaigrette. For an $11 salad, the three pieces of sashimi makes it worth while.

And one of the main reasons I wanted to go to deep was for David's Crisp and Angry Lobster:

Again, the sauce was all over the place but I rather enjoyed it's flavor, the wife did not. The presentation was pretty cool as you can see. This plate is not filling by any means and for $22 I guess it's more about the presentation than anything. The lobster actually was a bit dried out. I'm not sure how they prepare it but it seems to have been boiled, cut into chunks for easy eating but then seasoned and flash fried to give it that crispiness.

I thought it was a clever way of presenting lobster but I think once was good enough.

I know everyone is apparently sweating deep and praising Jody for bringing sushi and another fine dining establishment to Bend but I wouldn't be me if I didn't have a complaint, critique, or some smart ass thing to say.

The service was great overall but one thing I think they REALLY need to work on is the timing of the plates. I'm used to ordering everything that we want right off the bat and with sushi and Japanese cuisine in general, you don't really follow the appetizer, main, dessert style. There are small, hot, and cold plates, sushi rolls, nigiri, sashimi, and so on.

We placed our order for an appetizer, cold plate, a few pieces of nigiri, a specialty roll, and the angry lobster. The plates start coming, first the Hamachi Collar, then the nigiri and specialty roll. Now our tiny table (and the tables are insanely small) is full. On this tiny table we now have our drinks, our individual plates, the dishes to dip you sushi in (where you put the wasabi and soy), a couple of rocks (for resting your chopsticks on which are useless to me once a plate arrives or you mix your wasabi and soy sauce), and three rather large plates with the items above.

That's enough for now but while we're chatting and enjoying what we have, the Sashimi salad comes out. We haven't finished the Hamachi yet (which might be our bad but I explained that we really go to town on that one). So we have to stop what we're doing for roughly 2 minutes while we adjust everything on the table to accommodate the salad. It was extremely cramped and rather uncomfortable.

I just wish the pace at which the dishes were brought to the table would have been spread out evenly. Other than that and the fact that it's rather expensive (see their menu) I don't have any other complaints. We'll be back but it will be more for special occasions unless they offer a happy hour.

Wait, I just read on their menu that they have Tempura Bacon...I'll be there tonight!

821 n.w. wall street, suite 100
bend, oregon 97701
telephone: 541.323.9841
fax: 541.323.9843
hours of operation:
open 5 p.m. daily

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11What? Got something to say?

Blogger Jen said...

That Golden Dragon Roll looks like it's to. die. for. YUM!

June 26, 2007  
Blogger Chillable said...

I thought the quality of the sushi at Deep was far superior to anything I've seen this side of the Cascades...and they even have Toro (fatty tuna)! I agree that the plates came out rather quickly, but since I can take down some serious amounts of raw fish, I didn't mind too much. We sat upstairs, which was a little lacking in ambiance, so I'm looking forward to enjoying a cocktail and spicy tuna roll at the bar next time. Our dinner definitely broke the bank, but I still can't wait to go back!

June 26, 2007  
Blogger theokkid said...

While sushi is my favorite, I'm not sure if we need another fancy, dancy expensive restaurant in Bend. What I would love is a true, cheap teriyaki joint, like the ones up in Seattle.

I'm sure we'll try deep, but it looks like a special-occasion only kind of place.

June 26, 2007  
Blogger Arlene M. Spencer said...

Bend Oregon Restaurants,

Here, here! deep is welcome to Bend! Kanpai is not known for its customer service (or their portions for the price). So...when we heard about deep's arrival we hoped for better Japanese!

We got it!

Deep's menu is the first to put Kanmpai to shame. Merrenda's and deep's menus do an excellent job at offering small and larger portions, varieties in price points, and variety. Oh, and I can't rave enough about receiving good service. [Bend restaurants, if you provide my husband and I good service ontop of great food; we will be back.]

ALL BEND SERVICES, RESTAURANTS, and BUSINESSES - consider this comment post on this blog as 'notice'. You must improve your customer service, Bend business world.

We had the Golden Dragon, too. Damn! I understand your point about the sauce, but there's nothing like a great combination of flavors in a new roll!

Overall, I was very pleased with deep.

The one shortcoming was that the tuna sashimi we ordered came frozen in the middle. At the cost - it should come with gold ingots, but I'd take it properly thawed.

All n' all, a great restaurant to have in Bend.

Oh, and one last thing...I agree with you, theokkid, Bend needs maybe two really great bento joints.

Seeking Grant Money Today

June 27, 2007  
Blogger Just a cuppa lovers. said...

We can't wait to try Deep out. Maybe we'll skip the Angry Lobster. I had high hopes for it but I'm guessing that aside from sticker shock I won't be happy if it's not cooked right. Grrrrrrr

June 27, 2007  
Blogger Chillable said...

Round 2 at Deep last night. The fish was still yummy, and the service was excellent, but somehow it had lost a little bit of its glimmer. The apps were good but didn't really have the Wow Factor we were expecting (especially for the price). But, our out of town guests loved it and thought it was totally unique. Oh---and the chocolate mousse adzuki cake dessert is phenomenal!

July 06, 2007  
Blogger Chillable said...

Deep, Take 3. Everything was excellent. If you sit at the sushi bar, ask for Grant's section---he's a talented, friendly sushi chef who really knows his stuff. But the main reason I had to post this comment can best be summarized in two words:
Tempura. Bacon.
You saw it on the menu, and it's no joke. It's smoky. It's crispy. It's delicious. But oh man, this stuff will kill ya in one bite. Not for the faint of heart, literally...

July 13, 2007  
Blogger Jen said...

Finally "did" deep last night... and was impressed!

Here's the quick rundown:
*Stir-fried edamame - better than the plain stuff.
*Hamachi collar - decadent.
*Golden Dragon - spicy and crunchy.
*Pink Dragon - for the salmon lover.
*Ika (nigiri) - he wouldn't share so it must have been good.
*Wahoo (nigiri) - Ono, sweetness and light.

Oh yeah... and ASAHI. :)

The bill, $66! Not cheap, but not over the top expensive either. It was three of us, at the sushi bar, and we all left with full, happy tummies.

Next time I want to try the Kobe beef with the hot river rock - that looked amazing and the people next to us said it was mighty tasty.

July 20, 2007  
Blogger S Desmond said...

Yes, if you are going for upscale food with a hip atmosphere, then deep definitely delivers. We found the food to be fabulous, although smaller portions and higher prices than usual, but the food justified it.

My one shortcoming was the service. Perhaps it is my bias against the team-style of waiting tables, and my pet peeve of EVER having to ask for a glass of one more than twice. Our glasses were never full and we persistently had to ask for things and never received them. After taking our order our waiter treated us as if we were invisible. We couldn't get him to stop again or respond to any requests. Although the well-versed "food deliverer" made up for much of the bad experience.

That said, we would return to deep for special occasions.

September 17, 2007  
Blogger Arlene M. Spencer said...

Second visit was just as nummy. I was inspired, BOR, to write a rap.

“Ode to Deep”
(sung to Kanye West’s “Gold Digger”)

Jaime Foxx’s opening:
She takes my money when I’m hungreee
Yeah she’s a sushi serving tease
Deep’s a taste deliverer
Way over town
That serves fresh susheeeee

(She gives me sushi)
Now I ain't sayin' Deep’s Goldfinger (When I'm in Need)
But she ain't messin' with no mountain interior
(She gives me sushi)
Now I ain't sayin' Deep’s Goldfinger (When I'm in need)
But she ain't messin' with no mountain interior
Get down girl go head get down (Deep su-she-ee)
Get down girl go head get down (Deep su-she-ee)
Get down girl go head get down (Deep su-she-ee)
Get down girl go head

Verse 1:
Jody the bomb
Saw that Kanpai wasn’t get’n it on
With a successful Merenda
Under his underarm
He said I see there’s not a lot
I can tell by downtown
Far as culture there’s not a lot
I can tell by 1 ton drive’n clowns
but I'm looking for the one
have you seen her?
My psychic told me she have sushi like Kanpai
Suji’s, Sumi’s, Soba, but fresh
An I gotta provide good service, the very best
OK get your kids but then they got their friends
But unlike Balthazaar we let them in
We order fresh and then I had to pay
If you f*&%ing with this fish then you better be payed
You know why
Bend’s inland’n wealthy
From what I heard it is frozen fresh’n healthy
My best friend gets Tempura Spicy Hamachi
Don't care what Seattle, Portland serves; Deep’s oishi

(She gives me sushi)
Now I ain't sayin' Deep’s Goldfinger (When I'm in Need)
But she ain't messin' with no mountain interior
(She gives me sushi)
Now I ain't sayin' Deep’s Goldfinger (When I'm in need)
But she ain't messin' with no mountain interior
Get down girl go head get down (Deep su-she-ee)
Get down girl go head get down (Deep su-she-ee)
Get down girl go head get down (Deep su-she-ee)
Get down girl go head

Verse 2:
Dragon rolls, Dragon rolls
She got White, Black, Pink, Red, Fire, Golden, Green, Super Hiro
I order very seriously sweet, cured, black cod miso;
Hot laquered, pork shortribs; Try that, Rachel ray, yum oh!
Try not to order David’s Crisp and Angry Lobster
Win Oregon Lotto and order like a rockstar
She was suppose to buy you tekka maki with your money
She went to the office got orders with your money
She walking around looking like Bill Gates with your money
Should of got that insured got GEICO for your money
If you ain’t no punk holla ‘who is Kanpai?!’
Who is Kanpai?! Yeah
It's something that you need to have
'Cause when you’re hungry for tasty, with class
Dragon rolls, dragon rolls
You order a dragon roll and think it needs something more?!

(She gives me sushi)
Now I ain't sayin' Deep’s Goldfinger (When I'm in Need)
But she ain't messin' with no mountain interior
(She gives me sushi)
Now I ain't sayin' Deep’s Goldfinger (When I'm in need)
But she ain't messin' with no mountain interior
Get down girl go head get down (Deep su-she-ee)
Get down girl go head get down (Deep su-she-ee)
Get down girl go head get down (Deep su-she-ee)
Get down girl go head

Verse 3:
Now I ain't saying Deep’s Goldfinger, Deep su-she-ee
You don't want your sushi served day old like some dives
You got out to eat and you got bad food and bad vibes?!
Bend has got to learn; we move here for quality lives
But while you all missing culture
Jody made it possible get good food no culture lacking
He got that ambition baby look in his eyes
This week Merenda, Deep; next week it's the Thai’s?!
So, stick by his side
I know Bend’s small but growing up fast
And they gonna keep going to Portland
But you have a choice
Go to Deep and give your local businesses a voice

Get down girl go head get down
Get down girl go head get down
Get down girl go head get down
get down girl go head

[“Ode to Deep” original lines written by Arlene Spencer]

October 28, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW It was so great amazing, fun, great sushi and service was good too!! Good drinks I was a bit dissapointed at the $250 tab but we did have 6 people all drinking cocktails and pleanty to eat! We'll be back for sure. Best In TOWN by far!

December 31, 2007  

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