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Quiznos Sammies

Quiznos Sammies

Really? Quiznos Sammies? Are these $2 flatbread sandwiches the answer for a quick, affordable bite in these tough times? God I hope not.

The wife came home with a few Quiznos Sammies and finally I got a taste of all the hype. The wife has been talking about the sammies all the time. When I mention getting some lunch she's always like "I'm totally going to Quiznos tomorrow!!"

I got to try the Sonoma Turkey with pepper jack, lettuce, tomato, and Chipotle mayo. And as I love to do with chain restaurants, here's their photo:

Personally I don't think the Quiznos photo looks much better than my photo here:

Quiznos Sammies
The flatbread is thick and doughy and everything else is as you'd expect. Lettuce, cheese, tomatos, and mayo. For $2, what do you really expect?

There is a lot of flavor packed into these little guys but it's mostly from the dressing, in this case, the chipotle mayo. For 270 calories and $2 of your hard earned cash, you can snack on one of these little guys. I think I'd rather get some Arby's 5 for $5.95 instead of three Sammies for the same price. Eh, maybe I'll just get a salad.

Quiznos Sammies

Bend Oregon Quiznos Locations
Cascade Village
63455 N Highway 97 Unit 56
Bend Oregon 97701

Tuscan Square
My Local Store 2115 NE Highway 20
Bend Oregon 97701

Reed Market
My Local Store 1180 South Highway 97
Bend Oregon 97702

Shops at Old Mill
My Local Store 680 SW Powerhouse Dr Ste 1004
Bend Oregon 97702

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