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The last time we visited deep it was for my wife's friend's birthday. I tried the tempura bacon and it was everything that I had hoped it was. After we ate our French appetizers at bistro corlise, we stood on the sidewalk trying to think of where to go next. We considered Goombas, Cork, and Marz and then my friend said deep, and off we went.

deep is expensive but fun. We sat at the bar and put together a plan of attack. We settled on The Nine Bites, Saba, Crab BLT, and a Tempura roll.

I absolutely love doing things like the Nine Bites - The Chef’s Daily Selection of
Nine Different Hot and Cold Tastes of Deep for (ugh) $16. It is such a cool way of getting little tastes of all sorts of goodies. We had kobe beef, avocado and bacon tempura, scallop, rib, salmon, tuna, squid, tofu, and beets. I claimed the beef immediately but paid the price as I got stuck with the effing beets. I also got the fatty tuna and enjoyed all three bites. The wife got the rib, squid, and tofu. All was great and I was jealous that I didn't get the deep fried bacon.

And now, my fellow OmniBORes, I present to you one of the coolest sushi rolls I've ever had....the Crab BLT:

Crab roll with watercress, bacon, and tomatoes. Crab + Bacon = Smiley Face BOR. This roll was great BUT it was also $14....ouch!! The tempura shrimp roll was $12 and the Saba was $6. Deep is very expensive all around but it is quite good.

On Monday, look for my review of Mio Sushi ... great sushi, not expensive.

821 n.w. wall street, suite 100
bend, oregon 97701
telephone: 541.323.9841
hours of operation:
open 5 p.m. daily

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