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bistro corlise

bistro corlise

bistro corlise has a happy hour menu with $5 appetizers and $5 glasses of wine. We've visited bistro corlise before and had a great dinner. Since our last visit they have made some nice changes to the atmosphere. If you haven't been to bistro corlise yet, go for some happy hour items to get a feel for the place and you'll probably end up staying for dinner.

We sat at the bar and asked about the happy hour items and our waitress/bartender explained that they had a red and white wine. I totally forgot what the actual types or names of either were but I selected the red and the wife took the white. Both were very good and heavily poured. We were happy for only $10.

On our visit, they had three appetizers that were only $5 each.

sanglier - boar rillettes, crustini, dijon mustard. The photo for the boar rillettes was a little blury but that's ok since it's not much to look at. Two scoops of boar patte with some little crustinis and a dollop of mustard. It was my second favorite of the three appetizers. I spread a good portion on the crustini and then added the mustard. Creamy boar goodness.

terrine du style de la campagne - country style pork terrine, vegetable accompaniment, whole grain mustard. I'm not a fan of terrrines. It was good for what it is but I wouldn't get it again. But, for only $5, it was a great experiment. The wife liked the green beans.

porc - chilled pork, smoked air dried ham, oil cured olives, red peppers, zucchini mousse. YES! This was my favorite. The wife really liked the chutney of peppers and it went great with the pork. I'd gladly get this and the Boar dish anytime.

I'm pleased to see that bistro corlise is still around in this time of restaurant closings and still sitting over there next to Merenda's and I'd recommend that you get in there. If not for a full meal, go try one of the appetizers and let me know what you think.

bistro corlise
916 NW Wall St.
Bend OR 97701

After bistro corlise we continued our World Tour of Bend. Stay tuned...

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