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Sno Cap Drive In - Redmond Oregon

Sno Cap Drive In

Driving back into town from Portland, the wife was all like "We gots to gets our eat on at da Sno Cap yo!" Yeah she's pretty ghetto-tastic. Watch what you say, if she don't like you, she WILL cut you.

I don't make a habit out of eating in Redmond since I'm never there. We did drive there once to eat at the only place in Central Oregon that serves Pho (written as pho and pronounced "fuh" by English speakers, is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup dish) but it's no longer in business as my friend from North of the yuppie line told me.

But I have a not clogged all of my arteries yet so I was game to give this place a try. Located on the right side of 97 as were coming into Redmond it was perfect for me as I don't like trying to cross traffic in them parts.

As we sat at the table looking over the menu I was looking at the locals in their cowboy boots, hats, HUGE belt buckles and what they were eating. Couples were splitting some of the burgers since the half pounders were that big. I settled for the chili burger. Why not? I like chili. I wasn't ready for this though:

The wife went for the 1/4 pound burger supreme (I'm guessing cause I can't exactly remember what it was called) which had bacon and ham. Seriously, I love that woman!

Next time I'm returning from a trip in that direction, I'll swing by Sno Cap again. I want to try to take on one of those other big boy burgers. The huge list of shakes and malts is also enticing. I'm sure I'm not telling Redmondites anything here but if you're in that neck of the woods (haha do they have trees in Redmond?) definitely swing by. Oh an they have special sauce that they put right on the table! I LOVE special sauce!

What cracked me up was the "one free refill" on the sodas. The wife and I remember the good ol days of going to some place very similar to Sno Cap with our ghetto ass friends and we'd split a soda and hang out for a while getting our free refills. You gots to get your free refill on if you know wut I'm sayin!

Sno Cap Drive In
1053 Nw 6th St, Redmond, OR
Tel: (541) 548-2343

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3What? Got something to say?

Anonymous redmondreviewed said...

Well, crap -- dontcha ever read the Major Daily Newspaper in town? Seems I was mistaken. Saigon Village is still open -- its the Asian market next door that closed.

Who the hell would listen to me anyway?

July 05, 2007  
Blogger Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

Major Who?

So are you saying that we CAN get fuh in Redmond?!?

I listen!

July 06, 2007  
Blogger Little Things said...

If you want a great meal in Redmond, try Canyons Restaurant - fantastic food, and the calamari steak is to die for. I'm all about a good chili cheeseburger, but I wouldn't pass by Canyons for one! Great service there too.

July 06, 2007  

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