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Deschutes Brewery’s 3rd Annual Barrel Tasting

Deschutes Brewery’s Barrel Tasting

Much better food options and quantity of food this year at the 3rd Annual Barrel Tasting in the Deschutes Brewery Mountain Room.

The first taste of food was the Poached Shrimp and Margarita Salsa on a Fried Wonton which was ok. I would have preferred a little more shrimp and a little less mango. The poached shrimp is in the photo below on the bottom right corner:

In the photo above we also have the Veggie Crisp Stack with Goat Cheese Spread which I graciously let the wife enjoy. She should thank me, I'm so generous.

The photos I was able to take of the Grilled Beef Tenderloin on Focaccia Toast Points did not come out at all but the beef was delicious and tender like a tenderloin should be.

The Smoked Chicken Mini Pizzas with Brie, Caramelized Apples and Onions, Scallions was more than a mouthful. The brie and apples complimented the smoked chicken nicely. I enjoyed this mini pizza quite a bit although the presentation was ate gooood:

Spicy Pork Wraps Action Station with Corn, Cucumbers, Tomato, and Cilantro:

Good stuff. I like wraps like these, crisp lettuce, fresh ingredients, yummy spicy pork, hot sauce. All good things.

I like going to the events held at the Mountain Room, they are always worth the price of admission. For beer, I agree with the brewerman and will say the Bourbon Porters were my favorites especially the Nitro:

"The Nitro Bourbon Porter was too easy to drink. Excellent roasty notes butting up against the sweet bourbon flavor. The velvety mouthfeel from the Nitro presentation made the beer surprisingly refreshing despite the big flavors present in the beer."

I'm not sure how he remembered all that, if it wasn't for the photos, I couldn't even tell you where I was Saturday night. Beer aged in Makers Mark can't expect anyone to remember much the next day can you?

Deschutes Brewery Mountain Room

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Anonymous Keeneye said...

Wow. That looks really good. Our local brewery (Barley Brown's) did a Bourbon brew this past winter, and I sucked it up. DeLISHous.

June 20, 2007  

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