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Balay - Bend Oregon

Balay, Bend Oregon

Balay in Bend Oregon offers Coffee, Espresso, and Bubble Tea. I am not a fan of Bubble Tea but the wife loves it. For $3.75 She treated herself to a 16 oz Avocado Bubble Tea and loved it. She got the recommendation from who we guess is the owner.

Avocado beverage? Pearl Tapioca inside an avocado beverage? Yeah, that's not my cup of tea. Get it? Cup of tea, bubble tea! hahaha brilliant. My grandma used to make tapioca pudding when I was a kid. I ate it with a spoon. If they had these gynormous straws back then I still don't think I would have sucked it up.

I'm sure the day is going to come where I am eating through a straw but that day is not today my friend.

Me: So tell me, did you enjoy your tea?
Wife: TOTALLY! Its sooo light and refreshing...and it's a snack!

So there you have it. Bubble Tea - the light and refreshing snack food drink. She also enjoys the lavender / Black Tea flavor combo.

Balay - Coffee Espresso Bubble Tea
961 NW Brooks Street
Bend, OR 97701

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