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Hot Apple Pie ... from McDonalds ... sigh

Why? Why hasn't McDonalds been busted for selling crank yet? Come on, you KNOW it's crank, or crack, or smack, or the good ol' black tar. I can't wait to get this meal out of my system which should be in about 3...2...1 oh lord!!!

Anyway, check out the yummy Hot Apple Meth...I mean Pie:

How can you go wrong? It's 2 for a buck! A BUCK!! Yup, I put that in my belly. Actually I put this in my belly:

That's RIGHT!!! It's the doctored up Hot Apple Pie. I call it the White Trash Eclair. I told you in an earlier post that I am a fatty. Now if I can get them to swap out the Apple with Gravy...that would be gold. Dibs!!! That's right I called Dibs.

Anyway, if you find yourself at a fast food joint like McD's, I highly recommend .... uh .... shoot, you know what you're going to get. You get it every time. I used to get the #2 religiously until they did away with it. Now it's a couple bacon cheeseburgers and some fries.

So, if you really need a recommendation, I highly recommend reading

Fast Food Nation.

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