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BBC or Bend Brewing Company - Bend Oregon

Bend Brewing Company

One of my favorite places to dine is the Bend Brewing Company or BBC. It's located in a great spot just off of Mirror Pond. It's pretty cool to look out onto the water or just at the swaying trees. Maybe it's me that's swaying after a couple pints of Outback Ale. The photos of the view are here mainly cause they will be going away eventually.

There is a company that is building condos all around the BBC. The story I heard is that this company came in and offered the owners money for the land but nothing for the business. I heard that they were expecting them to accept but the BBC thankfully did not. Now this company is building the condos all around the BBC. So, eventually this view will probably go away.

The food at the Bend Brewing Company is always delicious. I went with my normal BBQ Turkey on Focaccia (I pronounce it pho-kaw-shia - I'm going to name one of my kids Phokawshia) and a salad. Now the BBQ Turkey normally does not come on Focaccia. It's now on a hoagie roll. They changed it so it would be easier to do half sandwiches. Plus, I normally do not have the salad since the BBC has probably the best French fries in town. So I guess I didn't go with my normal at all. Wanna fight about it?

Anyway, today the BBQ Turkey was extra special cause the turkey was chopped up a bit instead of it's normal full slices folded over. They probably gave me all the scrap pieces but whatever, it made the sandwich better. Wanna fight about it?

The wife chose to try the soup of the day, a split pea with barley and a half turkey club. What is it with getting that one slice of bacon that isn't cut in half? Who eats it like that? Doesn't everyone have to take the sandwich apart and break their own bacon so it fits on the sandwich? Does it look bad if they were to just cut the bacon in half? I would prefer not to have to touch my own bacon.

She said it was great regardless. She didn't share a bite of her lunch today so I can't say for sure if I approve or not but most likely it was great. I have not had a problem with anything at the BBC yet. I didn't mind about her hoarding all her food, I was way too busy stuffing my face with BBQ sauce covered turkey to give a ... hoot.

Bend Brewing Company
1019 NW Brooks St.
Bend, OR, 97701

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