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Cascade Lakes Lodge - Bend Oregon

Cascade Lakes Lodge

I'm one of those people that usually will get the same thing on the menu over and over. Once I find something good, I'll stick with it for years. If I continued on that path, this blog will be completed after 7 entries. So I have been trying to mix it up and venture out to try new things.

I should've known better when I found myself at the Cascade Lakes Lodge. I've been there a few times, even was a member of the Mug Club when they first opened. I've tried a few different items on the menu and am almost always disappointed.

By far their best menu item has to be the Turkey Melt with Basil Pesto Mayo. Comes with thick slices of bacon and served hot on some Parmesan bread. And their fries are pretty good. So why would I stray? And worse yet, why would I stray for a meal called the Cowgirl Up? It sounded really good. They have a Cowboy Up burger which has bacon and BBQ sauce. I'm not a fan of BBQ on a hamburger. But on a chicken breast with bacon and cheese, yeah now you see my point.

What do you think? Look good? Here's a close up:

This was supposed to be a toasted Kaiser roll. If it was toasted, it might have been able to stand up to the juices and the BBQ sauce instead the bun got soggy and shredded to nothing. Even with the BBQ sauce, this sandwich was very bland. Maybe if I dipped the entire thing in BBQ sauce and then made a salt crust around it, deep fried it in beer batter, wrapped it in a Chicago deep dish pizza (Pizza? Now that's what I call a Taco ... Taco Town!!) it might have turned out better.

I asked the wife, is it possible for chicken to taste like grey. It looked grey, tasted grey, digested grey, and ... well I'll just stop there.

And look at that sad pickle.

Ok, so maybe I'm being a little harsh on this sandwich but when it's on the specials menu, I expect a little more out of it. Anyway, if you find yourself at Cascade Lakes Lodge I do recommend their Turkey Melt. I would not recommend much else and especially not the Cowgirl Up.

Cascade Lakes Lodge
1441 SW Chandler Avenue
Bend, OR 97702
(541) 388-4998

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