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Szechuan Restaurant - Bend Oregon (2010)

Szechuan Restaurant

Over the last few months I've been hitting up Szechuan Restaurant for lunch around once every two weeks or so. $5.50 you get your main dish with your choice of pork fried rice or white rice, hot n' sour soup or egg flower, egg roll or crab puffs. I'll help your white ass out. Get your broccoli chicken with fried rice, egg roll, and hot and sour soup.

The last three choices are a lock no matter what you order. No one gets egg flower soup or crab puffs. They aren't good. And if you think you're tricking someone by eating healthy and getting the white rice, you're fooling yourself. None of it is healthy.

My go to meal is sort of off menu for lunch - Mother's Chicken - just ask for it, they'll hook you up, hot and sour, fried rice, and then I ask for the shrimp egg roll which you'll see in the photo is bigger than your normal egg roll.

First up, the Hot and Sour soup:

I don't exactly know whats in here and I don't want to know. Its good and I grub it up. I have not had any issues since our 2006 episode.

Shortly after the food arrives:

Its all good and spicey. Now to be honest, I haven't been to Szechuan lately. Not since I read the health inspection. That stuff freaks me out. Clean your kitchen up and I might come back.

Szechuan Restaurant
1600 NE 3rd St # 97
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 383-9033


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