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Baldy's BBQ - 5TH Anniversary

Baldy's BBQ

This week Baldy's BBQ is celebrating their 5th Anniversary with $5 specials all week long. From what I've heard, they're doing $5 full racks, smothered fries, dozen wings, 2 pulled pork or chicken sandwiches, and more + drink specials.

After lunch at Baldy's today (Monday) I have the $5 specials:
- Full Rack of ribs (these are the Danish ribs, little smaller than their normal but well worth $5)
- 2 pulled pork sandwiches
- 2 pulled chicken sandwiches
- Dozen smoked wings (had them for Super Bowl and they are gooood)
- Smothered fries
$5 drink specials as well

Then Saturday they have a FREE pig roast in the parking lot, with live music (the boxcar string band), raffle prizes, Ski/snowboard equipment, Sunriver weekend for two, and Baldy's gift cards.

I hate, HATE posting shit like this because I don't want all you non-regulars of Baldy's to take advantage of a great week like this and take up seats that real patrons and I should have. My friends and I are planning to visit daily all week long. In fact, I wrote this Sunday night and am posting it at 12:30 even though I'm planning on being at Baldy's at the time of this post. Hopefully I'll get a seat.

I'll update after when I get some more info on the specials this week.

Baldy's Barbeque
235 SW Century Drive
Bend, OR 97702-1052
(541) 385-7427


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Yum, I heard this on the radio today.
2. I'm a regular patron.
3. Feeling a little entitled, are you?

February 09, 2010  

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