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Szechuan Restaurant - Bend Oregon

Szechuan Restaurant

Szechuan Restaurant has been in my own personal dog house since September of 2006 when we fell ill due to some bad Hot n Sour soup. That is until recently when I gave them another go. I was sitting at home watching some football and getting hungry. I didn't want pizza but who else delivers?

I thought about Bend Take Out who delivers from a bunch of restaurants but I'd rather have hot food in a timely manner. So I thought that I should take a risk on Szechuan again. I placed my order and within 25 minutes I had a hot meal at my door.

I ordered enough to have left overs or some food for the wife when she got home. When I used to go to Szechuan for lunch I would always get either the Mandarin Chicken or Broccoli Beef. Since Mandarin Chicken is like the Big Mac of Asian cuisine I went with the Broccoli Beef.

When ordering from Szechuan I will usually get an item off the Lil' Friends portion of the menu like the BBQ Pork or sweet and sour prawns. I don't want an entire meal, just the Lil' Friends portion size. Saves a couple of bucks. I also get the Veggie Egg Rolls and Hot and Sour Soup.

Everything was great! I love taking the egg rolls and dipping them in the hot mustard and then into the provided sweet and sour. It makes for a great hot, sweet, sour combo. The hot and sour soup was amazing just like I remembered it and I'm pleased to report that there were not any negative side effects after.

On a side note, thanks to the Anonymous Commentor who sent in the following on my last Szechuan review:

"Jerkstore? Are you kidding me. Szechuan is great and a good deal. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it isn't good. Maybe your not meant for Hot & Sour soup? I've had it a ton of times with none of the disgustingly described symptoms, as have my family."

It is because of your timely comment that I remembered I had this photo and wanted to write a second review of Szechuan Restaurant. Most of the time my commentors disagree with me and that's fine. You're wrong and I'm right. But in this case, you have a valid point. Before my bad experience, I had visited Szechuan many, many times. But one bad experience can really put a damper on a restaurant in my opinion.

Anyway, Szechuan, you have won me back and I'll be coming in for the lunch specials soon and often as well as taking advantage of delivery.

Szechuan Restaurant
1600 NE 3rd St # 97
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 383-9033


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November 18, 2008  

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