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Jackson's Corner - Bend Oregon

Jackson's Corner

Jackson's Corner has a great reputation from my friends who have tried it. I wish I had visited them earlier so I could offer my opinion. As we all know, my opinion is the only one (vote for Obama) that matters.

The Source has a nice right up of Jackson's Corner and the history of the owner and chef's blah blah bleep. I don't care about most of that when it comes time to stuff my face for one of my 8 meals a day. I just care about the quality, flavor, and value of the food.

On our first visit to Jackson's Corner we grabbed a seat to look over the menu before walking up to the counter to order. I decided on one of the specials of the day, the turkey sandwich and a cup of soup while the wife selected the Steak sandwich. Our friend went for the Mediterranean Pizza.

Apparently all of the sandwiches are on ciabatta bread. My turkey sandwich ($7) was pretty dry. The bread soaked up the little amount of mustard that was used and the bread was pretty tough.

Jackson's Corner turkey sandwich
It was a decent sandwich but when I go back I think I'll ask for some extra dressing no matter what sandwich I get. Some extra mayo and mustard would have gone a long way.

Like I said, the bread was difficult but not nearly as rough as the Village Baker or especially Mother's. One bite of a sandwich on the baguette at Mother's and the meat will squirt out the back and onto your lap.

I also ordered the chicken curry soup which you can sort of see in the photo. That was a great choice. The soup was hot as hell but I couldn't stop eating it and dunking my sandwich in it. If you see chicken curry on the soup board, get it.

The wife's steak sandwich ($9 or $10, I can't remember but that seems right) was heated up in the brick oven which was a great touch but made her bread extra dry. Her steak was excellent and tender. It had melted mozzarella AND blue cheese which was a touch too rich for me but the wife loved it.

Jackson's Corner Steak Sandwich
Her sandwich came with the cutest little salad ever. A friend of mine told me that her salad was tiny as well. The photo on LJR's review at the source shows a salad easily twice the size of the wife's.

As the wife worked her way through her sandwich she started filling up. Back when we were much younger, we were eating some hamburger somewhere. She was getting full and instead of just stopping when she finally was full, she would open up the burger and eat just the meat. When I asked her what the hell she was doing as she delicately held the patty between her thumb and index finger (pinkie was up like she was sipping on some Earl Grey), she'd explain "I have bread at home. All this crap is the cheap stuff, the meat is the expensive gots to eat the meat!"

So she ditched the bread and finished the meat and cheese so she could spend her carbs on the cinnamon roll that she ordered. Proof:

Our friend enjoyed his rather large Mediterranean Pizza ($12) baked in their brick oven. I was able to get a slice and will most likely order this pizza on my next visit. It can easily feed two people and was awesome. For the sauce they use a tomato, garlic, olive tapenade which is amazing.

Jackson's Corner Mediterranean Pizza
Since he wears a skirt on most days, he was unable to finish his entire pizza and grabbed a to-go box. Bravo to Jackson's Corner for using all biodegradable containers and utensils! I have not seen that in a Bend Restaurant yet.

Jackson's Corner is a good spot to grab a quick lunch off the beaten path and I'm looking forward to trying out their dinner. It is the only market on the corner of Broadway and Delaware so you can't miss it, even though they don't have a sign that I could see.

Jackson's Corner
845 NW Delaware
Bend OR


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Anonymous kris said...

Oh, my!!! I'm so heartsick for Bend, BOR! I got my coffee every morning from Jackson's Corner, as my boyfriend doesn't own a coffee pot!!

The nice folks there even let me purchase a cup of joe before they even opened one morning!!!!

I loved sitting outside in the chilly air, drinking my coffee, watching the morning commuters on their way to work!!!

Thank you, BOR, for the smile on my face!!!

October 27, 2008  
Blogger Chillable said...

Let's not overlook the fact that they have a pretty extensive bottled beer selection, and you can buy a whole bottle of wine and crack it open right there. Yeehaw!

October 27, 2008  
Blogger Jen F said...

I split an alfredo pizza with a friend at Jackson's last week. OMG... to die for. Yummm...

What is up with two people hogging the big tables though? I am sorry they only have one friend, but we had a group of 6 crowded around one of the small tables and people wouldn't move OR share. C'mon guys this is still Bend, let's all be friends and share, mmmkay?

December 01, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, it is a "write up" not a "right up" as you stated.

March 14, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I won't correct you on your grammar with regard to "right" where it should be "wright" as I see that was already commented on previously. As yet, I have not tried Jackson's Corner, but am planning on trying it today. I appreciate your write up about this Bend restaurant. I would, however, like to comment on Mother's. I have eaten there several times and their sandwiches are the best. Maybe I am eating my sandwich a little different than you as I have NEVER lost all the good stuff out of the bread onto my lap. I usually never write (notice the proper usage of write) reviews or comments, but thought I would give my input. Thank you.

May 13, 2010  

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