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Village Grill $5 Breakfast Buffet

Village Grill

<update for dummies>
Apparently some of my "readers" can't read and have misinterpreted $5 all you can eat as $5 all you can drink. I've heard that there have been a few customers at the Village Grill that thought they could drink all day on Bloody Mary's for only $5.

These aren't free refills like when you were in highschool and you and 10 friends go to Red Robin, order one soda and get 18 refills. People like you are the reason Mexican restaurants have to charge for refills of chips and salsa in order to avoid your cheap asses.

It is $5 all you can EAT - NOT ALL YOU CAN DRINK! The Bloody Mary's are roughly $5 EACH!!</update for dummies>

The Village Grill owns the Best $5 Breakfast in Bend. IS there another restaurant in Bend where you can watch a variety of NFL football games, dine on an all you can eat eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, french toast sticks (all for $5), AND drink hard liquor in a smoke free environment? If there is, I'd like to know about it.

The Village Grill also offers a 'make your own bloody mary' bar where they give you the pint glass filled with ice and vodka and then you add your own style of bloody mix and veggies. So for basically $10 you can have your own take on a Bloody Mary and all you can eat breakfast while watching your favorite NFL team and if you're like me, monitoring your Fantasy Football Team(s) on their free wifi.
I don't like tomato juice so I went with a screwdriver to start my day. For me, I love some OJ with breakfast. Mix in some Vodka and you've got a winner in my book. I wish I liked Bloody Mary's cause they were hella cheap (like $5) and it was a lot of vodka. I'm sad.

My favorite part of the breakfast was the biscuits and gravy. Soft, flaky biscuits smothered with gravy...mmmmmm good. The shoe string hash browns were also very good with gravy. What isn't better with gravy? NOTHING!! Seriously, cover anything with gravy and it's just awesome.

The bacon was super thin but that didn't bother me as there was plenty of it. I grabbed a stack of bacon that was all stuck together so it seemed like one big slice. The sausage seemed similar to the Jimmy Dean variety that you can pick up at any grocery store but they were grubbin as well. The whole meal was well worth the $5 and after one plate, I had my fill.

By 11:30am I already had a good buzz working, I'm still stuffed from breakfast, I'm watching a bunch of NFL games with a friend. Shoot, the only drawback was that the friend I was with was crushing me in Fantasy Football. Lame.

Anyway, if you're a football fan and don't have any plans on Sunday, I recommend you check out the Village Grill this week for the Bloody Bar, Breakfast Buffet, and NFL Sunday Ticket. They open at 9am.

Village Grill
1033 NW Bond
Bend, OR 97701


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5What? Got something to say?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What time do they open?

October 08, 2008  
Blogger Jen F said...

OMG. Yum. It would be even more perfect if RHPB can watch the game while I play trivia. Do they still have trivia going during the game for we heathens (er, non sports fans)?

October 08, 2008  
Blogger Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

9am, like it says in the last sentence, is when they open on Sunday mornings.

Jen, I saw people with the trivia keyboard things but I didn't see any of the tvs with the trivia on. I don't think it would go over too well but maybe at one of the booth seats you can set that up.


October 08, 2008  
Anonymous kris said...

hot damn! liquor with breakfast! that alone's worth a flight back up there!

October 08, 2008  
Blogger Jen F said...

Have you been in since they changed over to "Seven"? Curious what it's like now...

November 14, 2008  

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