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Nuke Pickle - Speedshop Full Throttle Deli

Nuke Cycles

So I've been to the Speedshop Full Throttle Deli quite a few times now and always go with the same turkey sandwich and get the 6th Gear. On my last visit, I noticed the big ass pickles in the deli case and asked for one...I like pickles. But Keith (the owner) had a better option for me. From the fridge in the back he brought out his latest concoction, pickles soaked in Nuke Paste Juice. Nuke Paste is his blend of 7 peppers and some other goodies that add great flavor and heat to his sangwiches. He gave me one of the pickles and OH MOMMA was it good.

Crispy, juicy, spicy, garlicy pickles. They had only been brining for 24 hours so over the next few days, these bad boys should be packing a punch. Now all he needs is to make some Nuke Drink. "We got some milk, some soda, some purple stuff, oh and Nuke Delight....yeahhhh".

Ok, so if you're still reading this, Keith needs your help. Well, he didn't ask, I'm asking for him. He's trying to figure out a name for these pickles. He's thinking "Nuke Bomb" or "Nuke Missle" since the pickles look similar to a missle. For me, I like the Nuke part but am thinking of something less destructive to counter the Nuke name.

I want to call them NukeSickles or Nuke Cycles like Nuke+Sauce+Pickles and then add in the Cy like motorcycles, ok, not my best work. My friend HopHound wants to call it the Nuke Gingrich. Please send in your comments, lets get these bad boys a killer name.

Speedshop Full Throttle Deli
805 NW Wall Street
Bend, Oregon 97701
M-F 10am-8pm
S-S 10am-5pm


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4What? Got something to say?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nuked Cucumber = Nuke Cuke?

February 15, 2008  
Blogger Unknown said...

I vote for the Nuke Gingrich.
Nuke Cuke for VP.

March 15, 2008  
Blogger Nuke said...

Well, I think HopHound is definitely on to something!

Several more suggestions posted here
The early favorite...."El Nuko"

March 15, 2008  
Blogger no2liberals said...

I had some other ideas besides El Nuko, with Nuke Rods being one that Nuke Gingrich liked.
Nuke Nummies
Nice Nuke
Nuke Darling
Nuke Dandy
Savory Nuke
Nuke Select
Choice Nuke
Muted Nuke
Agreeable Nuke
Edible Nuke
Harmless Nuke
Safe Nuke
Savory Nuke
Subtle Nuke

March 15, 2008  

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