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A Week of Giving - NeighborImpact

Yesterday's post was about the Salvation Army Food Drive. Today's is all about NeighborImpact. I started this blog for a few reasons and none of them were to make money. Don't worry about me, I'm doing just fine. See I got three of my friends to join me in this program that I'm in and they each got three of their friends. They're doing just fine. One of them has two Jeeps, he's doing just fine.

Anyway, I decided that if I'm putting forth the effort to write this great content and become the most awesomest wannabe food critic of the blog-o-world dot net, than I might as well do it for a good cause. And since Google Adwords is easy to add to the blog, I went ahead and did that. I've always said that any money I make from this blog will go to NeighborImpact.

Well, today is that day. I will be better at sending in the money as soon as I get it from Google in the future. So over the last two years of blogging, with you're help, we have raised $672.98!!! That's not nothing. But I was hoping to raise more so since you have all been great about "supporting" my sponsors, with the wife's permission, we are matching the donation. I dropped the check in the mail today. Thank you NeighborImpact for all the help you provide to the citizens of CO, and thanks to the almighty Google for Adsense, and of course to those businesses that sign up for Adwords and paying Google.

Although I can't technically ask you to keep clicking on the Ads because of Google's Terms of Service agreement but it is those clicks that has raised this money. So I fully recommend that you visit my sponsors and purchase items from them.

Thank you everyone for supporting the sponsors and please keep reading. I know you are reading by the comments and emails I receive. I love all the comments that I get (even if I don't publish all of them) and the emails. I love all the rants and the crazies as well as those that have kind words or thank me for whatever reason. Hopefully this economy will turn around so I can keep on eating out as much as I used to (yes, I have cut back).

Sadly, no one has emailed me with ideas of how I can donate or which charities to help out so I guess I'm on my own. I think tomorrow I will give blood. Maybe Thursday I'll go to the sperm bank (totally kidding!). Maybe I'll shovel the neighbor's walk. Maybe I'll buy a quarter of a pig for some family in Africa. Stay tuned to find out what's next.

Please help support COCAAN's Feed the Need Program by:

Reading This - Maybe
Donating Funds
Donating Food

4What? Got something to say?

Blogger Ann said...

Aww, that's nice. I knew I liked this blog!

December 16, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suggest you support an arts organization which serves the High Desert specifically -- the High Desert Museum, the High Desert Journal, or the Nature of Words. These organizations are for us, they celebrate this place we love. Merry Christmas.


December 16, 2008  
Blogger Shawn said...

The Family Kitchen is the "soup kitchen" downtown at the Trinity Lutheran church (they aren't part of the church but just use their space.) I'm not sure what they need but I know they feed a lot of people. Good job on the NeighborImpact donation.

December 17, 2008  
Anonymous Melissa said...

I am a huge fan of Heifer International! And I also love the Blog, keep it up.

March 11, 2009  

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