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Baldy's BBQ - Bend Oregon

Baldy's BBQ

Just when I think Baldy's can't get any better, I get hit with the Beef, Chicken, and Pork combo platter at lunch for $10. I'm really loving these three meat combo's lately. At Baldy's the combo is pulled pork, BBQ chicken, and beef brisket plus a gigantic salad (your choice of house or Caesar).

After stuffing my face with fork full after fork full of deliciously smoked animal flesh, I realized I need something else. I ordered some garlic toast which really helped out. You have to have garlic toast with BBQ, it's only natural. For $10, this combo is definitely my favorite of the three meat platters that I've tried so far. Absolutely worth it.

Go Baldy GO!

Baldy's Barbecue
235 SW Century Dr
Bend, OR 97702
(541) 385-7427


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Anonymous Jim Johnson, CRS said...

Baldy's BBQ is great food. I will take my clients there for lunch when I'm showing homes.

The market is slow but I managed to sell 3 homes last month. Great Blog!

July 04, 2008  

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