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Kona Mix Plate Delivers

Kona Mix Plate

Kona Mix Plate delivers in quality, value, service, and now, delivers right to your door. When you're at the house or work and laziness kicks in, who you gonna call? Sometimes I'm too lazy to go out to get some food and when I look in the fridge, nothing looks good so I start thinking about who delivers in Bend. Pizza is an obvious choice but gets tiring. Maybe some Chinese or

Lately, my favorite delivery has come from the Big Island. Kona Mix Plate delivers and delivers well. I normally order some Bulgogi, Kalua Pork, and Teriyaki Chicken with an order or spring rolls and I select the rice and potato/mac as my sides.

About 30 minutes after placing the call the doorbell rings and dinner is served in the comfort of my our own house. I get to chow down on some tasty treats while watching I Survived a Japanese Game Show or So You Think You Can Dance....Twitch, you're awesome but Katee is by far my favorite!

The above photo was taken after I dished myself up. I prefer to eat off of a plate instead of out the togo containers. I'm silly like that. I had enough to fill up my plate and my belly with plenty left over for lunch the next day.

Everything is great. I can't complain about one item. The meat is always tender and juicy. The Kalua Pork had a good smoke with it and the Bulgogi's marinade of garlic/teriyaki are a great combination that makes my mouth water as I write this. I just love food and Kona does it right. If you have a craving for some great food delivered right to your door while working today or getting ready to watch whatever reality show you watch tonight, I recommend that you give Kona a call and see for yourself.

I have to mention our most recent visit for lunch. We were out shopping some sidewalk sales on a Saturday afternoon and ended up over by Kona. The friendly staff/owners offered the usual courtesy and help as we look over the menu. While we were making our selections, we noticed a new edition to the menu - sushi. So we thought we'd give it a go. The rainbow roll for $9.50. (photo via cell phone)

Absolutely brilliant. Probably the best sushi deal in Bend. While most places are cutting smaller and smaller rolls, Kona is serving up great quality, proper portions, and at the right price. You can't get a roll this size and with these cuts of nigiri anywhere in Bend for $9.50.

Kona Mix Plate
Call for Pick up/Delivery - 633-7378
61470 S. Highway 97, Bend, Oregon
Open Monday - Saturday 11am - 8:30pm, Closed Sundays.


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Blogger The Natives Are Restless said...

Brudda I gotta check um out. Dat grinds looks super ono. I bet it broke da mout. I nevah been but it sound like that buggah no ka oi.

July 30, 2008  
Blogger Keeneye said...

I love Kona Mix Plate! During my last visit, I had lunch there and LOVED everything.

I wish they'd deliver to Baker.

July 30, 2008  

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