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BOR BASH Vol 1 Episode 2

I received the following comment on my eloquent review of deep, the modern Japanese style restaurant in downtown Bend Oregon. Please read and take notes, your comments on this comment are welcome.

"deep is quite overpriced, if you ask me. Check out some of the better sushi places in Seattle, and you can feed 4 people for around $100 there, or you can spend $200 at deep. The fish isn't as fresh, either, as it spends an extra 12-24 hours to get down here, instead of being fresh off the plane from Japan. Also, anything labeled "Kobe beef" probably isn't (having been to Kobe and had real Kobe beef, which starts at $50-90 per pound, I haven't had anything here that would remotely compare, or that is legitimately Kobe beef). I recommend Kisaku for great sushi in Seattle. I guess deep is trendy for non-traveled locals who don't know any better, but deep is a poor imitation of real sushi (we go to Japan once a year, and the $1 per plate conveyor belt sushi place over there is better than deep. The "good" sushi places are unreal: some of the fish is still swimming in a tank when you order it, or at worst, was caught that afternoon). Save your $ and plan a trip to Japan for real fish"

This is some of the best commentary and advice I have ever received. Starting off complaining about how over priced Deep is but your advice is to either drive 14 hours round trip to Seattle or fly to Japan. When you add in the cost of gas or flights, hotel stay, and taking time off of work, is Deep really that overpriced?

If you haven't noticed, Bend is in CENTRAL OREGON. We are not near a Salmon filled river or next to the ocean for some fresh Tuna. Should the Bend Oregon sushi restaurants serve up Nigiri Trout or Bass Hand Rolls in order to keep the non-traveling locals happy with fresh fish?

One of my favorite lines from your comment is "The fish isn't as fresh, either, as it spends an extra 12-24 hours to get down here, instead of being fresh off the plane from Japan." HAHAHA fresh off the plane from Japan!!! All that fish in the Pike's Place FISH MARKETs where the guys throw them back and forth are all fresh off that plane from Japan? You know Seattle has a port, where boats bring in fish right from the Pacific ocean. I mean did the Pacific run out of fish? The Ocean called, they're running out of shrimp.

Fresh fish from a Are there fish tanks on this fish packin plane? What if there was turbulence? Sounds like a Tyler Perry movie in the making. Big Momma's Fish on a Mother Effin Plane. Sammy Jackson could just combo up his roll when the shark bit his head off and Snakes on a Plane.

Look Sporty Spice, this is the Bend Oregon Restaurants Blog, not the "Sushi fresh off the Japanese Airlines in Seattle WA Restaurants" blog.

"we go to Japan once a year, and the $1 per plate conveyor belt sushi place over there is better than deep."

I've had Conveyor Belt Sushi before, tasted like rubber and was very tough.

So basically your whole comment is summed up with "for good sushi, go to Seattle or Japan." I guess I can agree with that. I mean I've been complaining that the hot dogs in Bend are overpriced. The wife and I fly to Germany every other weekend and the brats for $1 are amazing and still on the pig or at least cut that day.

Buffalo wings are not even fresh here. I mean there's no way that the chickens can be fresh after coming all the way from Buffalo, NY. Save your $7.95 for a trip to NY.

When Brewerman and I were cracking up over your comment, he came up with "If you want good coffee, Thump is OK, but the beans aren't fresh. Portland has some decent places, but better yet, go to Columbia. We go every year and our beans are picked by Juan Valdez himself. He even lets the kids ride the burro!"

If you want pizza, Pizza Mondo is decent but overpriced. You should try the places in Denver, the higher elevation makes for even thinner crust. Or better yet, go to NY for a real pie or even Italy where they don't make it American style...who the hell do they think they are? Now THAT's pizza, we go 3 times a year.

Don't eat the food that you like within walking/driving distance from your no, instead, save your money by not going to the overpriced meals in CO so you can fly to an overpriced Japan for cheap, fresh sushi. Makes perfect sense to me.

To all my loyal CarniBORes, please feel free to post your comments. I'll even take comments from you HerbiBORes. You know you're a tool when a hippy makes fun of you. That's like getting a Canadian to cuss you ooot.

And since you asked, I think Kobe beef from Kobe, Japan is overpriced. Try Redmond, Oregon:

You've been BORed!


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7What? Got something to say?

Anonymous Guy who lived in Okinawa for several years said...

Perhaps this fool can return from whence he/she came. But I'm just an un-traveled local. Boo for me.

And sushi in Okinawa is even better than sushi in Japan (mainland). That poor un-traveled sap. ;)

April 25, 2008  
Anonymous monkeyinabox said...

You know the saying, "Ignorance is bliss"?

Well, when you truly experience the best of something, then it's hard to go back. If you've never had the best sushi or pizza or freshest fish, than you don't know what you are missing. Sometimes, that's a good thing.

If McDonalds is the best hamburger you've ever had, than perhaps your standards are lower and your expectations will be more easily met.

So, if you know it's better elsewhere, then you won't be satisfied here. If you don't know better, then what we have here is just fine.

April 25, 2008  
Blogger Live on the Fly said...

You're so much more fun when you're scathing, BOR. btw - tried to email a birthday greeting on your day but blogger was down. Hope you had a great one!

April 25, 2008  
Anonymous phancy said...

The "good coffee" line totally cracked me up.

I'd love to ask if the original commenter has actually eaten at deep. Maybe I could start a blog "reviewing restaurants based on their geographic location".

And hmmm... I guess Seattle is fine for non-traveled locals who don't know any better, but if you want some serious cuisine... (you get the drift.)

Ok, that last maybe wasn't that funny, but hey, I'm just a herbiBORe.

April 25, 2008  
Anonymous phancy said...

P.S. I thought of you and your *love* of edamame when I read this post:

April 25, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I can say is wow! I can clearly see that you're somewhat well versed and well read. However, i see that you failed to read on Deeps menu that it says "northwestern kobe beef" and not Kobe beef. You also say that you've been to Japan and you know what real Japanese beef is all about. If you have then you would know that Kobe is a prefecture in Japan that has received the most world wide notoriety for its beef. You would then also know that it's illegal to import Wagyu cattle from Japan due to FDA slaughter regulations. Also, any beef labeled in America as Kobe beef is bread from Wagyu cattle mixed with American Longhorn cattle. Thus, in America it is impossible to get true Wagyu or Kobe Beef. Now, on to the fish. Look at a globe you mindless twit! We are in the smack middle of Oregon where everything has to be shipped in. Not to mention that I've spoken with Jody Denton at Deep on several occasions about the freshness of their product and he has assured me that fish arrives every single day (except Sunday). Also, I've had on numerous occasions some really great Big Eye Tuna loin that was out of the water in to my mouth in less than 48 hours in Bend. I'd say that's hard to beat. Heck, that's hard to beat anywhere within 100 miles. Now I've never had the pleasure of being in Japan. However, I've lived in a lot of major cities in the U.S.A and i would say that Deep has some of the best sushi I've ever had the pleasure of eating. As far as price is concerned. You pay for what you're eating. If you want to eat some conveyer belt sushi go to Yokos and have some of the worst service and fish you could put in your mouth. Again, you pay for what you eat and in my opinion there is no better sushi in Bend or within 100 miles. Put that in your juice box and suck it you elitist prick!

April 27, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lighten up the guy thinks Deep is over priced and the food not all that great.It's his opinion he tried to be nice about it knowing he was going to catch flack and yeah he did. I agree the food is over priced but then so is gas. Try it,don't recommend it and don't go back.

May 01, 2008  

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