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Bo Restobar - Bend Oregon

Bo Restobar

I went to Bo Restobar for lunch last week and honestly can't wait to go back. There were so many different Pan-Asian dishes on the menu that looked really good and quite reasonably priced. Prices ranged from about $8-$13. The small plates were not that cheap in comparison to the sandwiches and looked really small when I was watching them arrive at the tables around us. For a fatty like me, I need something with more substance for my dollar.

I looked over the menu and was close to getting the Thai Chicken sandwich but at the last minute I saw the King Crab Club. You all know that I'm a sucker for a good club. I mean, slap some bacon on a sandwich and I'm totally there. I also could not resist trying Bo's Lemongrass Clam Chowder. With a description like "a chowder to make you forget all others" I had to give it a go.

First up, the Chowder:

I would say that this is the best clam chowder I've ever had in Oregon but I can't honestly remember any of the others. Funny how that happens. The photo was taken after I had grubbed up half the cup.

The King Crab Club consists of crab cakes, bacon, avacado, and lettuce on toasted egg bread. For a side, I chose the Asian Salad over the fries since I was getting the club and had a cup of creamy chowder. You know, got to watch the figure and all. This bad boy was a killer club and followed most of the traditional requirements that I enjoy (aside from the crab cake).

I was also able to get a bite of my friend's Koreadilla. Another awesome name for a dish. I was cracking up thinking about Napoleon's Grandma saying "Make yourself a dang Koreadilla". Ahhh good times. Anyway, it was good too.

I will be back soon to give some of the other dishes a try. Believe Dat!

Bo Restobar
550 NW Franklin Ave
Suite 118
Bend Oregon 97702


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Anonymous Sheri Dettman said...

We had a fantastic dinner last night at Bo. I had the Zen cocktail which is really a great summer drink. Lots of ginger, cucumber, lemongrass and infused spiced vodka. Too spicy for my husband but I loved it.

We started out with the chowder and it's truly the best I've ever had. They use coconut milk and lemongrass and the flavors are just so bright. I could eat gallons of it.

Next was a spicy tuna tartar for me with slivers of pear served in a martini glass. Very tasty. My husband had the dim sum which was good although it wouldn't be my first choice as I thought it was a little boring.

We shared a vegetable tempura which was perfect. Light, crisp and just the right amount.

Finally we had the tandori chicken which was fabulous. It had grilled orange slices over the top and a wonderful sauce.

Our bartender/server was Constance and she was very good. Friendly, professional and all around fun to talk to.

We could easily see ourselves eating at Bo 3 times a week.

June 17, 2008  

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