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Entrees Made Easy - Oregon

Entrees Made Easy

I had an opportunity to visit Entrees Made Easy in the Bend River Promenade. Entrees Made Easy is "a fun new concept in home dinner preparation." When you go to Entrees Made Easy, I recommend looking over the online menu in order to go in with a game plan on what dishes you'd like to make/purchase.

Upon arriving I was greeted by an amazingly friendly staff (what up Lloyd and Tina) who gave me a tour of the facilities and a run down of the home dinner prep industry. I was also informed about one of the main reasons Entrees Made Easy has set themselves apart from the competition....with their full kitchen. They make their own sauces, marinades, and rubs right there on the property. The sauces are not sent from a main warehouse out of Georgia or Kerplakistan.

After some instructions I was given my apron and asked to wash up. They are serious about cleanliness. I am quite the germaphobe and I was wondering how they handle having civilians handling food while maintaining the cleanliness. I had to wash my hands before the meal prep, don gloves, then after each meal, dump the gloves, wash up again, then put on a new set of gloves. All I needed were my OR scrubs. Look how clean it is:

Prep work was already taken care of so all I had to do was follow the easy instructions on what to put into which baggy and presto, done.

Entrees Made Easy will slice and dice everything that you need. I know that when I attempt something new from Rachelle Ray's 30 minute meals, the prep work alone takes me 34 minutes, not to mention the time to go to the store for that one item that I forgot or don't have in my pantry. I mean, who the hell has fish sauce? Not sure what it is, sounds fishy (buh dun dunt).

I'd like to say that I figured it all out on my own but Tina was there to help me out when I didn't quite understand the instructions or tried to add in minced ginger instead of garlic....I wasn't paying attention too well as I was trying to take in everything.

All in all, it was a great experience preparing three, half order meals and I look forward to doing it again. My next post will be about the Chicken Pad Thai that I prepared and we ate that same night. Mmmmm mmmm.

Entrees Made Easy
3188 N. Highway 97 Suite 105
Bend, OR 97701


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Blogger Shannon said...

I LOVE this place! I have been trying to go there once a month for six half orders. It's only happened in June and then this month. Lloyd is awesome too. He'll work with you! And if you're too lazy - they'll make the meals for you.

September 06, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is going to a kitchen, prepping your own food, taking it home and heating it up and dining with the TV on restaurant related?

Isn't the idea of a restaurant based on the principle of someone else do the dirty work (before, during and after), have the "prepared" food delivered to the table, soaking in the ambiance while sopping up the gravy with a piece of bread and then tipping them well for the experience?

I can be a line cook at home! I'm not getting how "entrees made easy" fits the spirit of your blog.

What's next? A critical review of cooking classes over at the community college? Commentary on the church bake sale?

September 06, 2007  
Blogger Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

Anon, How would you classify Entrees Made Easy then? It's not like going to 7-11 for some nachos.

I like the idea of reviewing cooking classes at the college, I might just do that. Dude, I've reviewed the hot apple pie from McDonalds. I don't consider any fast food to be a restaurant. I've reviewed Balay (my first post), I've reviewed the snack on an air plane, microwavable pork rinds, a twinky from William's Bakery, and so on. Not a loyal reader I'm guessing.

Basically, you can't tell me what to do...I do whatever I want. Until you start chipping in on my bill/expenses, shut up and eat.


September 07, 2007  

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